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Survival of the Fittest - Page 1

Survival of the Fittest

Posted by: Bert
Date: 2013-04-24 21:40:06
Chapter 1: The Beginning

The standoff had been going on for two hours now. Lieutenant Wes Matrix and several other members of the Goldenrod City Police Department stood outside the bungalow where the criminal had been hiding. The criminal, Albert Mendes, was wanted on several counts of murder and breaking-and-entering. He had managed to outrun the police for seven months, until leaving an obvious trail for them to follow.

Wes stood at the back of the crowd with a megaphone. His Dusclops stood at the front, arms ready, waiting to use Protect if Albert fired any more bullets.

Theres no way he can hold himself up in there all day, is there? Wes asked Constable McGuillicutty.

Wouldnt put it past him, McGuillicutty said. Remember the guy who spent a week in that warehouse in Ecruteak?

Wes brought the megaphone to his mouth and said, You cant hide in there forever, Mendes. Youll have to come out eventually!

Albert stood by the window he had shot out and bellowed, You cant stop me, Matrix! Your Dusclops is gonna grow tired eventually!

What should we do? an officer asked Matrix, who suddenly got an idea.

Anyone here also have a Ghost-type Pokémon?

Another officer piped up and replied, I do! Its a Haunter, though.

Good enough! Wes said. Now, heres what I have in mind.

Mendes looked out the window and saw Wes and one of the officers talking. He was starting to panic, and knew he couldnt hide out there for much longer. He looked over to his Scyther, who was itching for a fight. Its head suddenly twitched towards the eastern wall, hearing a noise.

What is it? Al asked. His Scyther walked over to the wall and stood about 2 feet away from it, then looked at the floor. It moved its head left and right, and suddenly bounced off the floor and into the east wall. Using its feet, it projected itself west and crashed into something invisible. The Haunter reeled back in pain and made itself visible.

Holy shit! Mendes said in shock. Scythers U-Turn attack did a fair bit of harm to Haunter, since Bug-type moves are stronger than Ghost-type Pokémon. When Haunter recollected itself, it formed a black, wispy sphere between its hands and launched it at the mantis, hitting it directly. Scyther hit the floor and rolled for a little bit, then stood up.

Scyther! The Pokémon screeched. It started rapidly flapping its wings, sending a constant vibration through the air. The Supersonic attack made its way towards Haunter, who appeared to be confused when the assault was over. While Haunter was distracted, Mendes mocked the police force, saying Is that all youve got?

When he turned back, he was greeted with an extremely horrifying face from Haunter, at point-blank range, no less. The Mean Look made his black hair stand on end, paralyzing him in place with fear.

There was a rumbling from the ground and Arbok suddenly emerged from the floor using Dig. With Mendes too terrified to move, the cobra wrapped its tail around him and lifted him into the air, then slithered out the front door. When it got to the driveway, four officers came and put him in handcuffs when Arbok put him down. Mendes did not protest as he was taken away.

That takes care of that, Wes said, relieved that the ordeal was finally over. He returned to his cop car, where he heard a voice coming from his walkie-talkies receiver.

All units, all units report!

Wes threw open his car door and picked up the walkie-talkie.

This is Wes, over, he said.

Wes! We need your help, said the voice over the receiver.

What is it, Lieutenant Worthington? Over, He asked.

Theres a situation going on in Ecruteak, and we need you there as fast as possible.

Wes was a little confused. Whats going on in Ecruteak?

Worthington replied, Theres a horde of Tauros and, to put it frankly, they seem pissed.

That really was a situation. Tauros were known for living near Ecruteak and for causing commotion, but there were very few reports of them actually hurting people. Although, when a Tauros attacks something, it attacks with the intent to kill. Wes could only imagine what was going on to angered them.

All right, Ill be there as soon as I can, Wes confirmed. He pulled out a Poké Ball and clicked the button at its center. A red beam shot out from the Poké Balls opening, and Tropius faded in from the beam.

Tro! the Apatosaurus growled. Wes climbed onto its back and ordered, Take me to Ecruteak City!

Tropius flapped its fern-like wings and took to the skies, both of them unaware of what awaited them in Ecruteak.

Re: Survival of the Fittest

Posted by: Bert
Date: 2013-04-26 20:18:51
Chapter 2: Tauros on Parade

Tropius landed near the western exit of Ecruteak City, with many police officers guarding the area. Wes dismounted and told Tropius to wait there. Wes made his way towards the group of policemen, whose guns were loaded with tranquilizer darts. After shuffling through, he finally spotted Worthington and stood beside him.

Whats going on? Wes asked.

Like I said, the Tauros are pissed, Worthington replied. His voice was quite raspy.

Wes could see several of the higher-ranked officers at the frontline, their Pokémon beside them. These officers were also armed, and had transparent body shields to protect them. Tropius had made its way to Wes and snarled when it saw the Tauros.

Easy there, Wes said to his friend.

Worthington looked at Tropius and thought of something. Maybe it could scare them off, he said.

Wes looked at Tropius, then back at Worthington. You mean Tropius?

Worthington smirked and said, Well, if you think youre up to the task, be my guest.

You may be taller than me, but Ive been told Im quite intimidating, Wes shot back.

Right, and that cape on your long-coat is just for decoration.

One of the frontline officers quipped, If you guys are done flirting, wed like to know how to proceed.

The Tauros were starting to advance, lashing their tails and snarling. Their heads were lowered, with their horns pointed straight ahead.

Ssir? One of the officers said warily.

Open fire, Worthington ordered. The gunmen at the front cocked their weapons and pulled the triggers, shooting the Tauros with the tranquilizer darts. Something was wrong, however; the darts struck the Tauros, but failed to do anything else. In fact, the bulls saw them as nothing more than an annoyance, as they shook them out. The Tauros at the front of the pack let out a roar, then stood on its hind legs and crashed down on the ground on all fours. The ensuing tremor caught everyone in the area off guard, with most stumbling but some outright falling over.

The other Tauros all did the same thing; this coordinated attack was done with enough force to create a minor earthquake, which was arguably their intention.

Whatre they doing? Wes asked.

Looks like theyre trying to create an earthquake, Worthington replied. Tropius was flying slightly above the ground, completely unaffected by the attack. The Apatosaurus made its way to the front, where Wes and Worthington were standing, trying to keep their balance. Tropius unleashed a flurry of leaves from its wings, and then flapped them in a pattern. Back and forth, back and forth, the steady rhythm caused the leaves to start swirling in a circle. With one final flap, Tropius sent the leaf tornado at the Tauros.

The small twister managed to pick up some sticks and pelted the Tauros with this debris; the leaves slashed their skin and enraged them further. Tropius continued to flap its wings, increasing the strength of the tornado a bit. The vortex pushed its way through the horde of Tauros, who were starting to turn and leave. Unwilling to be defeated, the one at the front of the herd let out another snarl and became coated in electricity.

The hell is going on? one of the frontline gunmen asked.

The electrified Tauros suddenly charged forward, thrashing its way through the tornado and leapt into the air. With a hefty tackle, it crashed into Tropius and knocked it to the ground. Tauros turned around and watched Tropius as it slowly got up from the attack. It charged again, determined to pierce Tropius body with its horns. Just as it was about to kill the dinosaur, Tropius attacked Tauros with a blue and grey fire-like attack: Dragon Pulse. The raging bull ran right into the attack, taking the assault head-on.

Howd you teach it to do that? Worthington asked, curious.

Move Tutor, Wes replied.

While Tauros reeled back from the attack, Tropius used the opportunity to escape. Wes walked over to it and pulled out a spare Poké Ball.

Here goes nothing, he said and tossed the Ball at Tauros. It opened and the bull was captured by a red beam. The Poké Ball fell to the ground and started to wobble; once, twice, thrice, it sat still. Wes went to pick it up, but the Ball exploded open and Tauros broke out, angrier than before. Not wanting to waste any energy on Wes, it turned away and smacked him with its three tails, knocking him over. It then stormed into Ecruteak City, and the rest of the group followed.

The horrible scene that unfolded was just one of many to come. The Tauros charged through the police force with reckless abandon, and those who did not get out of the way on time were trampled to death by the stampeding beasts. Bones could be heard being snapped and broken as they were run over.

Wes climbed onto Tropius back again and took flight to Ecruteak City, where he saw the Tauros continuing their rampage. Many of them were ramming their heads into whatever buildings they came across, and some were just running through the streets. He watched as one Tauros trampled a car flat, and then did the same thing to several others.

Worthington got to the scene and saw Wes on his Tropius. Tropius noticed him and Wes said, If you have anything that might be able to stop the Tauros, now would be the time to use it.

Without hesitating, Worthington pulled out a Premier Ball and threw it high into the air. When it opened, a black Haxorus appeared and stomped on the ground as it landed, catching the attention of one of the Tauros.

Looks like we have a challenger, Worthington said. The Tauros paced for a little bit, eyeing Haxorus. It then faced the axe-faced dragon and charged forward, but stopped dead in its tracks when Haxorus grabbed its horns.

Mrr? The Tauros whimpered. Its eyes widened as it tried to comprehend the situation, and then started neighing in fear as it was lifted off the ground. With great effort, Haxorus threw the Tauros to its left, and the bull crashed into the wall of a building.

Wes was at the eastern end of Ecruteak, trying to stop them from getting to Mt. Mortar. His Scrafty and Arbok were exchanging blows with the raging bovines as they tried to make their way through the gate.

Brick Break! Wes ordered, and Scrafty walloped a Tauros with a punch. It reeled back in pain, and retaliated with a headbutt. Scrafty nimbly avoided the attack and kicked the Tauros in the head.

Arbok burrowed underground and dug its way underneath the Tauros, then rose from the ground behind them. When they turned to focus on Arbok, the cobra shot a large bomb of sludge at them, blinding them and coating them in the poisonous substance. Scrafty took this opportunity to unleash a flurry of punches on the bulls, hitting them with all its might. In their attempts at fighting back, the Tauros started thrashing about, but bashed each other instead of their target.

Worthington made his way around the city, fending off any Tauros that crossed his path. He saw a couple of them ramming their heads, trying to see who was stronger. When they noticed him and Haxorus, they challenged him to a battle.

Tauros A went first and ran towards Haxorus, who walloped it with a swing of its tail. As the Tauros stumbled back, Tauros B began to advance on the dragon, and lowered its head. It went in to attack and Haxorus attempted to block the attack, but Tauros caught it off-guard and thrust its head upwards, bashing Haxorus with its skull. The mantis-dragon was heaved upwards a little, but when it landed, it retaliated with Dragon Pulse. Tauros B was hit square in the face, and backed away

Tauros A opened its mouth and unleashed a Hyper Beam at Haxorus, who avoided the attack. When the attack was over, Tauros B tackled Haxorus to the ground. Both of them loomed over Haxorus and prepared to attack with a double Hyper Beam, but Haxorus suddenly got up and hit them with a Flamethrower attack. Defeated, the two Tauros ran off.

Worthington looked over and saw the sludge-coated Tauros Wes was fighting collapse to the floor, perhaps from exhaustion of attacking each other. Wes saw Worthington at the other end and walked over to talk to him.

Well, that was intense, Wes said. Any idea what happened to?

Wes didnt finish his question, because the answer was right in front of him. Although the rest of the Tauros were fleeing, their leader stood near Wes and Worthington, snarling.

Hes not going anywhere unless we make him, Worthington said sternly. Haxorus was raring for another fight. Wess Scrafty was, too. Its Moxie had given it quite a bit of an adrenaline high.

The leader Tauros stood on its hind legs and crashed down much like before, creating a small tremor, but enough to catch Haxorus and Scrafty off-guard.

Hit it with Thunderpunch! Wes ordered. Scraftys right fist became coated in electricity, and it rushed forward to attack. Tauros managed to avoid the punch, and kicked Scrafty aside with its left hind leg.

Tauros wasted no time trying to take down Haxorus; it coated itself in electricity and charged for it, hitting it head-on.

Is that Wild Charge? Worthington asked.

Must be, Wes replied.

Haxorus got up and slashed Tauros across the face, and Scrafty kicked it in the side of the head while it was recuperating. It reeled back in pain, and when Haxorus went to attack again, the dragon was hit by the Tauros Hyper Beam, sending it flying back. Tauros turned its attention to Scrafty, who was nimbly dancing about. This infuriated the Tauros for some reason, and it ran for Scrafty, determined to take it out. At just the right moment, Scrafty punched Tauros hard, sending it back towards the western gate.

Haxorus had recovered by this time and was determined to finish things off. When Tauros attempted to ram it, Haxorus grabbed its horns. With a lot of effort, Haxorus was successful in lifting it off the ground. With a great swing, it threw Tauros back to the western gate, hitting the ground. When it got up, it simply looked at its opponents and snarled one last time before running back to Route 38.

Re: Survival of the Fittest

Posted by: Bert
Date: 2013-04-29 16:58:31
Chapter 3: In the Burned Tower

Ecruteak City was left in ruins after the Tauros rampage. Cars were trampled, buildings were damaged with holes in them, and other structures had been either damaged or destroyed. Oddly, a statue with three dog-like creatures was completely ignored during the attack. Wes and Worthington walked around, inspecting the damage they had caused.

Whaddya think pissed them off so much? Wes asked.

Damned if I know, Worthington replied. Its a damn good thing they didnt try to attack the Tin Tower.

Wes nodded in acknowledgement, and then turned to look at the Burned Tower in the northwest end of Ecruteak. It had been in serious disrepair for years after the fire that destroyed it 150 years ago, but the city felt that it should be kept that way to preserve its history.

Is it true what they say? Wes asked.

Is what true? Worthington replied.

Is it true that a legendary Pokémon lives on top of the Tin Tower?

Thats what they say, said Worthington. But nobodys been able to get in. The Sages are very protective of it.

As they walked by the Burned Tower, a shingle from what was once its roof fell to the ground. Just as they passed it, they heard a voice coming from inside.

Sothis is where the Legendary Beasts are said to restBut where?

Wes and Worthington looked at each other. What was that? Worthington asked.

Sounds like someones inside, Wes said. He approached the tower and walked up the steps, nudging the door open. As he entered, he was greeted by a dim light from the sun and warmth. Not only this, but the air was musky and hurt to breathe, at least, a little. Magmar and Koffing were said to live in the tower, but there were instances where Weezing were seen as well, explaining the less than stellar conditions of the towers inside.

That and being struck by lightning and burning.

Hello? Wes hollered, hoping to find the person whose voice he heard earlier. He could barely see and did not have a flashlight, nor did any of his Pokémon have a way of illuminating the tower. For that matter, neither did Worthingtons.

There was a crumpling sound as Wes walked around, his feet stepping on ash and debris. He tripped over a hole in the floor, collapsing on his chest. He picked himself up and dusted himself off, then continued on.

This place looks like it could go any minute, Worthington commented.

Youre telling me, Wes said.

The same voice they heard earlier spoke up again. Whos there? Who are you?

Wes put his right hand over his guns holster. I could ask you the same thing, he replied.

Im just researching, the voice stated. Theres no need for a gun.

Wes kept his hand at his side and tried to find the location of the voice. His Scrafty piped up, pointing to the north end of the tower floor. Wes followed, not sure who he was going to find. After stumbling through broken glass, charred wood, and other assortments of debris, he found the person.

He was a tall man with short brown hair wearing a purple tuxedo. On his tuxedo were to black diamonds, and he was wearing purple pants with grey shoes. He was wearing a short white cape on his back, with a red bowtie around his neck.

Youre certainly dressed to impress, Wes joked.

Very funny, the man replied, deadpan. Im Eusine, and who might you be?

Im Wes, Matrix replied, holding out his hand. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too, Eusine replied, shaking his hand.

Wes took a quick look around the tower and asked, So, what are you researching?

If you must know, Im researching the Legendary Beasts, Eusine commented.

The Legendary Beasts? Wes queried.

Yes. Supposedly, when the tower was engulfed in flames after being struck by lightning, three Pokémon perished within. After a rainstorm put it out, a rainbow-colored Pokémon was seen, and three new Pokémon rushed out from the tower. But apparently, they have returned, so I am looking for them, particularly Suicune, Eusine explained.

Wes and Worthington took a minute to take in Eusines explanation. Here was some bespectacled man who was going to take on a great personal undertaking. Was he mad? Surely, so much as thinking of such a quest would leave an inkling of insanity.

Thatsquite a mission, Worthington said. What would you do if it turned out these Legendary Beasts were not here?

Eusine pondered the question for a moment, then replied, Should such an outcome occur, I will set out for other parts of the world in my attempt at finding them.

Youre very dedicated, son, Worthington commented.

Eusine smiled in appreciation. Wess Scrafty was starting to get rambunctious, and was moving towards the center of the room. It stopped to look at the ground. Soon after, it started making some sort of battle cry, pointing at that spot.

Scraft! Scraft!

Wes started walking over to the spot.

What is it, Scrafty? he asked. He stood on the spot and looked down, and then around the room, but did not see anything. "I have no idea what youre looking for, but I dont-

He was cut short when the spot gave way, creating a hole. He fell for what must have been twenty feet before hitting the floor. Landing on his feet, he collapsed onto his right side and knocked the wind out of himself, making breathing difficult for a short while. When he recovered, he used a pillar that was near his landing spot to support himself when he stood. It was even warmer down in the basement than upstairs.

Wes! Are you all right? Worthington shouted from above.

Im fine! Wes replied. Im just not sure how Imgoing toget out.

He saw something at the back of the room. It looked like a small hill, but there were two steps that led to its top. There was nothing spectacular about it, but the three creatures that were resting on it were a different story.

The left beast was yellow and had black V-shaped stripes on its torso, and a white underbelly. Its head was shaped vaguely like a cloud, and had a small black crown on its head that was also slightly V-shaped. On its back was a yellowy-green colored rain cloud that looked slightly like a cape, and it had a zigzag shaped tail.

The right one was lion-like, and wore a purplish-black facemask with a golden trident-shaped crown. On the right and left sides of its back were pointed metal plates, with a smoke plume in between them, resemble a cape. It had some sort of metal plate on its chest, and on its front and hind legs were what looked like black cuffs.

The center and front beast was like that of a leopard or a cheetah. It was blue with a white underbelly. On its head was a crest that looked like a stretched hexagon, and from this crest was a deep blue cape that resembled a river or the Northern Lights. On its behind were two, whip-like tails. Its body had white diamond shapes on it.

Whatwhat the hell are these things? Wes wondered aloud.

The creatures stood with confidence, starting intently at Wes. From above, Eusine hollered.

Im coming down there, Wes!

The man stumbled when he hit the ground, but soon recovered. He joined Wes and stood speechless when he saw the sight before him.

Thosethose are Eusine sputtered. The Legendary Beasts!

The Legendary Beasts averted their gaze from Wes to Eusine, catching him off guard. Eusine stared back in awe; he never thought he would actually get to see the Legendary Beasts in person, let alone Suicune. His look changed from amazement to slight confusion.

Their colors are different, he observed.

What? Wes asked.

Their colors, Eusine repeated. Theyre different from the ones in the book.

At this comment, Suicune lurched back and let out a roar. It was a calm-sounding roar, but fearsome enough to make Wes and Eusine decide what they do next carefully. It stepped forward and raised its head, looking at the hole in the floor. Suicune crouched and then leapt upwards, then ran out the door and into Ecruteak City.

Entei followed. The lion-like Beasts roar was more ferocious sounding, as to be expected of a lion. It leapt onto the above floor with much grace and too ran out to Ecruteak.

Raikou was the last and seemed a little hesitant, but the yellow tiger soon took off. As it did so, it gave Wes and Eusine a peculiar look. When it reached the above floor, it observed Worthington as well, who was on the verge of a heart attack after seeing Suicune and Entei. Raikou was soon on its way to join its brothers.

With the Beasts gone, Wes and Eusine were left on their own to figure a way out of the basement.

Dont suppose you have a Pokémon that can fly, do you? Eusine asked.

As a matter of fact, I do, Wes replied. He threw a Poké Ball and Tropius appeared, signaling for them to climb on its back. Wes and Eusine did so and Tropius flew up onto the first floor. When they landed, Wes returned Tropius to its Poké Ball.

Should we try to stop those three? Worthington asked Eusine.

No, Eusine replied sternly. They wont hurt anyone. Besides, wed never be able to catch up to them.

The three of them headed out the door, into the damaged city. Eusine looked around at the damage caused by the rampaging Tauros.

Its such a shame, he said. At least you were able to stop them.

Its a damn good thing we did, too, Wes commented. Who knows how many more people they couldve killed.

As they walked south, Eusine suddenly turned to them and said, If you guys want a place to stay, you can spend the night at my house.

Wes and Worthington looked at each other, and then back at Eusine.

Works for me, Wes replied. How bout you, Sam?

Same for me, Worthington replied.

Eusine nodded in agreement. Very well then, come with me.

Re: Survival of the Fittest

Posted by: Bert
Date: 2013-05-03 21:37:35
Chapter 4: Route 36

Eusines home was filled with various books about the myths of the Pokémon world. Wes and Worthington were eating lunch with their Pokémon, but Scrafty and Haxorus were sparring for practice in the corner of the living room. Eusine, however, was flipping through one of his many books, looking for an illustration of the Legendary Beasts.

He finally found the page and let out a triumphant sounding, Aha! Wes and Worthington both looked over at him, and then returned to their meals. He took the book over to the table and turned to Wes.

How good of a look did you get at the Beasts, Wes? Eusine asked.

I felt like I was stalking them Wes joked.

Can you tell me what color Suicunes cape was? Eusine asked, with a hint of eagerness in his voice.

UmI think it was dark blue, Wes explained. I couldnt really tell though, since it was pretty dark down there.

Sam Worthington spoke up, It was definitely blue. I got a damn good glimpse of it when it ran out the door.

Eusine seemed bewildered at this confession. He put the book down on the table and said, So, they were shiny, then!

Wes took a drink of water and asked, What?

Eusine pointed to the illustration on the page and said, See here? Suicunes cape is a light purple. But the one we saw had a blue cape.

Whats your point? asked Wes.

Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare, but not as rare as legendary Pokémon. The only other confirmed sighting of a shiny legendary was a Latios! Eusine excitedly explained.

Uhhuh, Wes replied. 

And Enteis facemask was purple, but its supposed to be red, Eusine continued. Also, Raikous cape was a yellowy-green, but normally its also purple.

How rare are shiny Pokémon? Worthington asked.

Eusine got up and went over to his bookshelf, dragging his right index finger across the books spines. Finally, he came across a book titled Pokémon Physiology, and took it off the shelf and joined the two trainers. He flipped open to the table of contents, and then turned to a different page.

Hmm, Eusine mumbled. It says here that one in every eight thousand Pokémon born can be shiny. It also says that they are signs of extremely good luck.

So what does that mean in regards to the Legendary Beasts? Worthington asked.

Eusine pondered the question, still looking at the book and reading the passage. He put a bookmark between the pages and gently closed it and turned to Worthington, saying, I dont know. Maybe its a good omen?

After the group finished their meals, they decided to head out to take a walk. They walked down Route 37 and eventually reached Route 36, then came to a crossroad between Violet City and National Park. Turning right, they continued down Route 36 towards National Park, but saw an unfortunate sight before them.

Laying the ground was a man with what looked like a small spear in his back. The point was about ten inches long, with a black stump sticking out of its top, flat end.  The man was most certainly dead, but Wes, Eusine and Worthington checked on him just in case he was not.

Worthington grabbed the spear and slowly pulled it out of the mans back. The three of them examined it, but Worthington spoke up.

This isnt any ordinary spear.

Wes said, Its from a Beedrill.

The group quickly observed their surroundings to make sure there wasnt a group of the aforementioned bugs around. Just to be safe, Wes brought out his Dusknoir from its Poké Ball. Worthington looked back at the deceased victim, and noticed that he had no Poké Balls of his own.

So, what should we do? Wes asked.

Ill call an ambulance, Eusine said, pulling out his cell phone from its pants pocket. As he talked with medical services, he Wes and Worthington stayed on alert. After a few minutes, Eusine put the cell phone away.

Theyre on their way, he said.

As the group stayed on the lookout, they heard a voice.

My, my, is that you, Eusine?

They looked over and saw a tall man with short black hair wearing a grey sports jacket. He had a white button-down shirt on, with black pants and brown shoes. Eusine went over and shook the fellows hand.

Its been a while, Lancaster, Eusine said. A steel bird Pokémon, a Skarmory, landed beside the man. Whatre you doing out here?

Lancaster sighed and said, Trying to keep National Park from being torn apart.

Wes and Worthington looked over.

Whats going on in National Park? Wes asked.

Lancaster looked over to him and replied, The Pokémon have gone fucking crazy. Nobody knows why, but theyve all become extremely agitated and volatile.

Wes started to approach National Parks eastern gateway, but Lancaster stepped in front of him, blocking his path.

Sorry, he said. But for your own safety, Im afraid I cant let you in.

Wes was joined by his Scrafty and Dusclops.

Is anybody in there? he asked.

Several, Lancaster replied. Lt. Surge is among them.

Wes said, So its a rescue mission. He stepped by Lancaster and entered the gate, where he saw several injured people and their Pokémon. They were covered in cuts and bruises, tending to their wounds. He heard Eusine behind him, who had a Haunter and a Hypno in tow.

Youre not going in there alone, Eusine told him. Im coming with you.

What about Lancaster? Wes asked.

Hes staying with Worthington until an ambulance arrives, Eusine replied.

Wes was a little hesitant to leave Lancaster alone with Worthington; he had just met this man and knew absolutely nothing about him. For all he knew, Lancaster could be a homicidal maniac. Then again, Worthington once took a Hyper Beam to the face, and his Haxorus was no mean monster.

With a nod, he and Eusine pulled the doors open, and ventured into National Park.

Re: Survival of the Fittest

Posted by: Bert
Date: 2013-05-05 16:43:52
Chapter 5: National Park

The sight in National Park was one of horror and violence. Lancaster was not joking when he said the Pokémon were going fucking crazy; they were attacking everything in sight, from trees, to trainers, and even each other. Wes and Eusine watched as people tried to defend themselves against the Pokémon, trying to get away by any means necessary.

The two trainers and their Pokémon started making their way through the park, trying to stay low and avoid bringing attention to themselves. This proved futile, however, since a Fearow spotted them from high in the sky. It let out a loud caw, then dived towards them. Right before it hit them, it repositioned itself and landed on its feet, staring them down with its sharp gaze.

Oh, joy, Wes said flatly.

An electric-type attack should take care of it, Eusine said.

Thats fine with me! Wes exclaimed. Scrafty, hit it with Thunder Punch!

The hoodlum Pokémon ran forward, its right fist covered in electricity. It drew its fist back, preparing to hit Fearow in the chest, but the bird took to the skies at the last second, making the attack fail.

Scrafty turned and watched Fearow loop around and face its target again. It took aim at Scrafty, then started to spin around, its long beak pointed forward.

Hypno, use Disable! Eusine ordered. Hypno pointed at Fearow and started swinging its pendulum back and forth, and the bird abruptly stopped its attack, looking confused. It jutted its head forward, as if it was trying again, but nothing happened.

With Fearow distracted, Scrafty leapt forward and hit it with a regular punch, catching it off guard. Fearow reeled back a little, and Scrafty landed back on the ground, keeping an eye on its foe. When it recovered from the blow, Fearow flew towards Scrafty at blinding speeds, its wings glowing. Scrafty jumped to the left, but, almost as if it were anticipating this, Fearow turned the same direction, striking Scrafty with its large wings.

Scrafty hit the ground and rolled onto its back, but weakly got up. Such an attack proved to be too much for it. Wes threw his Poké Ball and it captured Scrafty, and returned to him. Wes let Arbok out of its Poké Ball, and the cobra hissed with anger.

Arbok slithered towards Fearow and, once close enough, opened its large hood, with the intent to paralyze Fearow with fright. Fearow, however, seemed completely indifferent to these tactics, and Arbok tried several different patterns. Arbok eventually decided to just launch a Sludge Bomb at it, but Fearow dodged this with ease. It flew into the air and grabbed Arbok with the talons on its feet, then flew higher into the air.

Arbok was practically roaring at the bird at this point, and Fearow flashed the slightest grin before releasing the cobra from its grip, sending it plummeting towards the ground. Repositioning itself, Arbok was falling headfirst, and started spinning its body around like a corkscrew. When it hit the floor, it burrowed underground and deep into a hole.

Whered it go? Eusine asked Wes.

Youll see, Wes replied.

Fearow was looking for Arbok, but could not spot the cobra. It lowered itself to the ground, and right as it landed, Arbok burst up from under it, smacking it in the face with its tail. The crowned bird stumbled back a little ways, then charged forward at Arbok, determined to pierce it with its long beak.

At the right moment, Arbok slid underneath Fearow and bit into its long neck. With great strength, it knocked the long-beaked predator to the floor, and wrapped its snake body around its torso, with a death grip on its neck. Fearow managed to stand up, but was unable to do anything else but struggle, trying to break free. Arbok clamped down, releasing poison into Fearows neck vein, and, much to Wes and Eusines horror, tore Fearows neck and head off its shoulders, decapitating it. The snake threw the head and neck aside, then slithered back to Wes, releasing the corpse.

Son of a b***h, Wes said in shock.

You can be horrified later, Eusine said. We need to get these people out of here.

Eusine looked around, thinking that getting the person closest to the gate out first would be a good start. He saw a young boy and a young girl, who were being attacked by a Butterfree. The butterfly released grey specks from its wings, and the two children soon fell asleep.

Butterfree looked to its right and shook its head left, catching the attention of a Pinsir. The brown beetle sauntered over, clapping the large pincers on top of its heads, creating a loud clang sound. It reached the two, sleeping children, and prepared to impale them with its pincers.

Right before it could harm them, Wess Dusclops attacked the Pinsir with Fire Punch, giving it a nasty burn in the process.

Wes, you go and get them out of here, Eusine said. Wes went and picked up the two kids, then made a run for the southern gate, which was the closest. His Dusclops had put up an invisible, protective barrier around them, which would ward off any attacks. The childrens parents came out to take their children away to safety, and Wes returned to help everyone else.

Even if we do get everyone out, whats going to stop the Pokémon from escaping? Wes thought to himself. Dusclops had let the protective barrier down, since it would wear itself out if it tried to keep it up for a long time. He turned to his left and spotted a man, who was trying to fend of a ferocious Nidoking. The mans Graveller curled into a ball and spun into Nidoking with a Rollout attack, hitting it in the chest.

The Graveller hit the ground and rolled around in a circle, then went in to attack Nidoking again, but the large, dinosaur-like Pokémon grabbed it right before it made an impact. It threw the rock into the fountain that was in the center of National Park, and Graveller was overwhelmed by the water, fainting after a struggle to get out.

The Nidoking turned back to face the man, who was running towards the fountain to retrieve Graveller. Right as he passed the Nidoking, it grabbed the back of his shirt and threw him into a tree. The impact and angle he was thrown at resulted in him breaking his neck, dying upon impact. The Nidoking lost interest when his corpse hit the ground, and moved on to find its next victim.

By now, Lancaster and Worthington and arrived at the scene, meaning the man who was attacked by the Beedrill had been taken away. Worthingtons Haxorus made short work of a Pinsir that was foolish enough to challenge it to a battle. Lancasters Skarmory was flying around in the sky, taking care of flying enemies.

Wes made his way over to Worthington and asked, Has anyone else been evacuated?

Five people have been freed, but theres four left, Worthington replied. And, unfortunately, many Pokémon have escaped.

Lets worry about the people for now, Lancaster said. We can catch up to the Pokémon when were done here.

Although the four of them were trying their best to keep the situation from getting out of hand, it was definitely beyond their control. For every person they rescued, several Pokémon had managed to break free into the wild.

Eusine was trying to ward off a Nidoqueen with his Haunter and Hypno, and was doing a fairly decent job at it. The Nidoqueen opened its mouth and let loose many small, poisonous darts, trying to hit either one of the Pokémon or, even better, Eusine.

When the attack ceased, Hypno pointed at Nidoqueen and started moving its pendulum back and forth. Nidoqueen was no fool; it knew that Hypno was trying to stop its Poison Sting attack. It charged forward, tackling Hypno to the ground. Nidoqueen raised its left foot, hoping to stomp on Hypno, but Haunter had thrown a Shadow Ball just on time, hitting Nidoqueen in the back. She collapsed to the ground and walloped Haunter with her glowing tail.

Hypno got up and place both of its hands in front of it. Using its psychic powers, it lifted Nidoqueen into the air and started spinning it around. Hypno started looking for a target, and saw a horde of bug Pokémon gathered in one location. Hypno threw its left hand forward and threw Nidoqueen at its target. After hitting the floor, she rolled across the ground and crashed into the many bugs, rendering them immobile.

Eusine noticed a man across the field, standing where Nidoqueen had been thrown. He had spiky yellow hair, and was wearing a green camouflage outfit, with brown boots on. Beside him were a Raichu and an Electrode.

Lt. Surge?! Worthington exclaimed, after noticing him.

I told you, Lancaster said. When Surge noticed Eusine, he gave him a thumb up motion. Eusine gave one back, and Surge ran over to join him.

Nice work, Surge complimented. Eusine was about to reply, but he noticed a Pidgeot was starting to approach behind them.

Thunderbolt, Lt. Surge said, and Raichu electrocuted the Pidgeot with lightning it released from its cheeks. The bird collapsed on the ground, defeated.

Weve still got two people left to evacuate, Eusine said to Lt. Surge.

Theyre in the woods, though, Wes commented.

Well then, Surge began. Lets get em!

Wes, Eusine, Lancaster, Worthington, and Lt. Surge made their way into the forests of National Park. They made their way through the tall grass, which came up to their waists, looking for the last two people trapped in this hellhole. Many Pokémon watched on, unsure if the five of them would pose a threat.

The group saw two people, a young couple, cowering in fear at the far end of the forest. They went over the try and rescue them, but the woman spoke up.

No, dont come any closer!

Just as she finished that sentence, the same Nidoking from before appeared in front of them, as well as several other Pokémon, such as another Pidgeot, a Pinsir, and a Beedrill missing its left arm. They formed a circle around the group, trapping them. Wes brought out his Scrafty and Arbok, and Worthingtons Haxorus was poised for battle. Eusines Haunter and Hypno were still present, whereas Lancaster had released his Exploud and Lt. Surges Electrode and Raichu were anxious to fight.

As the Pokémon started closing in, Arbok stood up tall and flared its hood, catching the Nidoking off guard. While the large purple beast was distracted, Lt. Surges Electrode dashed forward, hitting it in the chest while rolling. Nidoking rolled back and let out a grunt.

Lancasters Explouds fist became coated in ice, and it threw a punch at a Pinsir, hitting it in the face. It threw another punch, but this time, Pinsir lowered its head and caught the fist with its pincers. It clamped down, putting Exploud in great pain. Eusines Haunter materialized behind it and, with its long tongue, licked up from Pinsirs upper back to the top of its head. The stag beetle shuddered, and Exploud walloped it again, sending it stumbling back.

A Scyther leapt down from the trees and slashed at Haxoruss skin, giving it a nasty cut on its side. The mantis went to slash again, but Haxorus blocked the scythe with its hand and attacked with Dragon Pulse, hitting Scyther in the belly.

Scrafty was dancing around Nidoking and throwing weak punches at it, while the dinosaur-like creature looked on in confusion. It soon stopped and attacked with Thunderpunch, hitting it in the chest, but Nidoking simply stood there, unfazed.

s**t, Thunderpunch wont work since its part ground-type, Wes commented to himself. Nidokings left fist started glowing white, and it threw it at Scrafty, but the lizard jumped back. Haxorus threw Scyther into the fists path, who took the attack dead-on, and Scyther fell to the ground, either defeated or dead.

Lt. Surges Raichu was sparring with a Pidgeot. Its wings started to glow and it flew in to strike Raichu. Since it did not have enough time to strike back, Raichu simply jumped to its left, and when Pidgeot flew past it, it jumped on its back.

Thunderbolt! Lt. Surge ordered. From its cheeks, Raichu electrocuted Pidgeot, coating it in electricity. The bird was no match for such power, and fell to the ground.

Wess Arbok was in the midst of a battle with a one-armed Beedrill. The cobra opened its mouth and launched a Sludge Bomb, hitting Beedrill. The hornet rushed in, its right spear pointed forward, but Arbok wrapped its body around Beedrills torso.

As it exhumed pressure on the insects body, Beedrill stabbed Arbok with its right arm, and the snaked released the wasp from its grip. By now, Wes had released his Dusclops, who hit Beedrill with a Fire Punch. It left a nasty burn mark, and Beedrill hit the ground, too weak to keep fighting.

Theres no way we can keep fighting these things, Eusine said. Weve got to get out!

But how? Worthington asked. Theyll  just swarm us.

Worthington got an idea, and asked Wes, Wait, does your Tropius have room for seven people?

If we all scrunch close together, maybe, he said, while his Scrafty continued to fight Nidoking. But otherwise, probably only four of us could sit on it at once.

Lt. Surge overheard the conversation and asked, Wes, I have an idea. May I borrow your Dusclops?

What do you have in mind? Wes asked back.

Im going to have Electrode use Selfdestruct, and have Dusclops protect the couple and I, he replied.

Are you insane, Lieutenant?! Lancaster exclaimed. That wont work! Theyll kill you before you can even give the order!

Not if Im quick, Surge confidently replied.

Surge, thats a ridiculous idea and all, but I just dont know, Wes said.

Lt. Surges Raichu smacked Pinsir in the face with its tail, and jumped back to join its trainer.

I wouldnt ask if I didnt think it would work, he said.

Wes thought about it. He was aware of Surges status from the war, and insane tactics like this were not out of the ordinary for him. He also knew that, if similar incidents like this were going on around the world, hed want to try and help in anyway he could.

Im probably going to regret this, Wes began. But, go nuts. Dusclops, Lt. Surge is going to be your Trainer for a short while, okay?

Dusclops! the ghost bellowed. It walked over and joined Lt. Surge.

Tropius, come on out! Wes pushed the button in the center of a Poké Ball, and Tropius appeared in front of him.

Dusclops, use Protect! Surge ordered. The phantom held its hands out in front of it, and Wes, Eusine, Worthington, and Lancaster returned their Pokémon and jumped on Tropius back.

Godspeed, Worthington said to Surge. The Apatosaurus took the skies and flew away.

Lt. Surge faced the Nidoking and said, Im about to ruin your fucking day.

He motioned for the young couple to come over to him, which they did. Nidoking looked confused and intrigued at what Lt. Surge was doing. The other Pokémon looked at each other, not knowing what was about to happen.

Dusclops, use Protect again, Surge ordered. The couple looked terrified, as they too had no idea what was about to go down. You might wanna cover your ears.

Dusclops had its hands out in front if it, determined to make the mission work. Electrode rolled in front if it, its perpetual grin bared.


Electrode closed its eyes and began to focus. It soon started to glow, and its sphere body became engrossed in a white light. A noise started coming from Electrode, a kind of hissing sound, but more mechanical, unlike Arboks. The surrounding Pokémon still had no idea what was going on, and had no idea if they should attack or not.

ELECTRODE! the inverted Poké Ball Pokémon exclaimed, and leapt in to the air, then exploded when it landed back on the ground

The explosion was the last thing Wes and the others heard as they were flying away.