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How our carnal desires never left us - Page 1

How our carnal desires never left us

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2019-06-03 10:35:37
Basically this philosophy is about human nature. Before we were humans, we may have been monkeys, and previously other animals such as fish. In fact some societies believe we all have one common ancestor; and I have read at some point neither male/female sexuality existed.

Now think of a male wolf; the wolf finds love by the sword/fighting. And a female hen; she finds love by receptiveness and through waking dreaming; embracing she doesn't know with nurture. It may be because the female hen is tasked with protecting her children; where as the male wolf is tasked with being the animus (sunshine) to the woman's animus.

But slowly it feels times are changing; our sexuality will be less relevant in the future. I hate to blasphemise the words of my own religion, but it feels something has to change. It feels like men are manipulating women into submission; because knowledge is power. In other words, science is the new sword; the new gnashing of teeth, and we do this with things that aren't even scientific (such as psychological "facts"). The carnal urge never left the man, its through the knowledge of apparent "truth"; but science is slowly revealing a greater answer with time. Now, think of Christianity; this was created for men. If you notice, many animals are dying; religion is human-centric. Times need to change so that we no longer abuse our fellow animal friends, but "men are becoming more like women" and "women more like men", where society is either focusing a little too much on labels and double-sided concepts (take Brexit and democracy) or blatant faith without science (take politicians' denial of climate change as a significant issue). The answer perhaps should be a combination of both; the so-called "toxic masculinity" and femininity; until gender no longer matters.

What we need to do based on gender stereotypes:

For men - respect women's menstrual cycles (in the very process of living as a woman I've been through this). Truth is both men and women get angry. If a woman feels you are wrong, don't give her logic; open your heart. We do this by letting all of our thoughts pass through, not only that but through humbleness that you may not know the answer.

For women - respect logic

This way this causes a chemical reaction; and our carnal desires slowly pass away. Yet if conservation of energy is true, there will be new challenges in transformation we need to address with science and self-discovery. Conservation of energy may not even be true. It may be that society is getting worse; bluntly said - as at first bacteria could multiply by themselves without the need of sex (some form of splitting).

The middle-way:

When you practise this form of self-help (if you believe in it, I may be wrong), try to remember male/female gender (rather than sex) are matters of the heart, and depending on how you feel; there is no male/female (paradoxically there is if you feel that way) with acknowledgement of both sides. Its.. like, I don't want to say either, "transgenderhood is real", "transgenderhood is philosophically incorrect" ; spiritually it is (as spirituality is feeling - this doesn't have to be magical thinking: simply because say, inspiration to watch a movie inspires us). Constant thinking may lead us to illness, whereas constant imagination can lead to delusion. However, both ways cognitive bias never leaves us.

If you feel abused, don't be afraid to speak up. See:

We Are All Just Monkeys

At the same time, don't feel afraid to imagine and believe there may be a purpose or god that we create ourselves (even if it's faith in our friends).