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Pulseman and The Fiery Neutrino - Page 1

Pulseman and The Fiery Neutrino

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-04-10 17:25:42
"Water can destroy Pulseman" as his nightmare wrote. Little did Pulseman know he himself was part of a simulation. Pulseman: "Does not compute! Does not compute!" Well to be fair he couldn't escape that fact, he was by nature a game character; epistemologically he couldn't be real? Or could he? To cope Pulseman switched to bank 2; the Negative Zone. Pulseman:Waaah my enemy neutralises me I'm evil, life is evil. :( Pulseman then in a twist of events met Mr. Gimmick (SunSoft character). "Cheer up Pulseman!" said the dinosaur. "I'm just a line of code. :(" said Pulseman. Mr. Gimmick then produced a heart; here take it. "Infinite can heal Pulseman" :) then said Pulseman with a beautiful grin on his face. It wasn't that Pulseman was bad, nor even his enemies, he was just afraid of himself.