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Zuko 16's Graphics Request Thread - Page 1

Zuko 16's Graphics Request Thread

Posted by: Zuko 16
Date: 2007-07-13 19:45:18
I'm going to make some….glitchy related stuff soon, but for now here are some of my current works:

[IMG][/img] [IMG][/img] [IMG][/img] [IMG][/img]

^Last two are headers for some site….they're the only two Pokemon related graphics I have so far.

Yes, I do requests. And yes, I will have more soon.

Re: Zuko 16's Graphics Request Thread

Posted by: Zuko 16
Date: 2007-07-25 16:24:46

My most recent work requested from DH members.

Speaking of DH (aka Distant Horizon), since this thread isn't too popular, I can start it out as most request threads on DH are; with a form that must be filled out when making a request.

TYPE-Either an icon or sig. If no type is specified, I'll make you an icon because those require less time and energy.
IMAGE-You must have an image(s) to give me for your request. I really hate looking for images because I have no idea which one you would like. For sigs, the max amount of images is 5 (unless animated), for icons its 1-2.
SIZE-(optional) What size do you want it? Icons are usually 100x100, for sigs it's usually somewhere around 400x100.
FONT TYPE-(optional) What kind of font do you want on it? It doesn't need to be too specific if you don't know the names of every font. A simple description like 'Cursive' or 'Something Gothic' can help out a lot.
FONT COLOR-(optional) Self explainatory: What color do you want the text?
COLOR-(optional) What colors do you want for your graphic? Grayscale? Complementary? Pink and blue? Pretty simple, neh?
TEXT-Please give me the text you want. I'm terrible at coming up with stuff and I won't if I don't have to.
ANY OTHER SPECIFICATIONS-(optional)Add here if you want it animated, any certain layout of images, where the text should go, etc.

If I hear any complaints because you have to fill out a form, I will throw virtual pink slippers. You're the one making the request, and as far as I see it, you're the one that wants a graphic that's customized…not something that I have to think up off the top of my head that will end up disatisfying you because you wouldn't take a few seconds from your time to fill out a form.

M'kay? Now…REQUEST!