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My "Glitched" Pokemon - Page 1

My "Glitched" Pokemon

Posted by: Darkwolfgirl32
Date: 2008-03-02 19:14:15
Hi, i'm new here and hope I put this on the right page, but I made a few "Glitched" pokemon and would like any input, suggestions, comments, or ideas on what I should do next. Anyone is free to use my pics if they want, but please give me credit. Here are the ones I have so far. ;D

Glitched Charmander

Glitched Golem

Glitched kadabra

Glitched Nidoking

(I hope you like them!)

Re: My "Glitched" Pokemon

Posted by: RPBnimrod
Date: 2008-03-02 20:51:03
Cool, but I would call them artistic pokemon, not glitched, but that's just my opinion.

Re: My "Glitched" Pokemon

Posted by: Newo
Date: 2008-03-04 09:46:36
Well I think they are good…

Re: My "Glitched" Pokemon

Posted by: RPBnimrod
Date: 2008-03-06 20:01:33
I never said that they were bad, I think that they're great!

Re: My "Glitched" Pokemon

Posted by: Guy
Date: 2008-03-08 05:47:55
It isn't Taboo to use the word glitch for other things.