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The Curry Shop - Page 1

The Curry Shop

Posted by: Missingno.7-4468
Date: 2010-06-14 00:04:03

[size=large]~~ Rules ~~ [/size]

  • Rules must be followed
  • Acanthite rules apply
  • Give credit if used
  • Use the forms
  • If you just come to comment on my sprites, be detailed.  No "great sprites, KBAI" or "Terrible sprites, KBAI."

[size=large]~~ Forms ~~ [/size]

~~ Devamps ~~
Pokemon: (Which Pokemon do you want?)
Devamp from: (3rd gen and up or my style.  Will only do 5th gen once the games come out)
Devamp to: (RGBY, GS, or Crystal)

~~  Fusions ~~
Base Pokemon: (Which Pokemon do you want as the base?)
Other Pokemon: (Up to 4 other Pokemon please.)
Game: (Which game?)
Revamp/Devamp?: (You may choose to revamp if 1st or 2nd gen, or devamp if third or above)
Pallette: (One of the Pokemon's pallettes or name some colors or something)

~~ Invert Recolor ~~
Game: (3rd or 4th)

~~ Lineless ~~
Game: (3rd or 4th)

~~ Pillowshade ~~
Game: (3rd or above)
Style: (General or pixel-by-pixel)

~~ Poke-Chao ~~

~~ Recolor ~~
Pallette: (A Pokemon or some colors or something)

~~ Reshade ~~
Game: (4th for now.  5th when the games come out)

~~ Retype ~~
Game: (3rd and up)
Type: (One of the types.  Can be a made up type such as light IF IT MAKES SENSE)

~~ Revamp ~~
Revamp from: (1st or 2nd gen)
Revamp to: (3rd, 4th, or my style)

~~ Scratch ~~
Style: (DPPtHGSS or my style)
Reason: (Cannot be "just wanna test your skills."  Must be a good reason)

Re: My reshades

Posted by: Wa
Date: 2010-06-14 09:42:02
These are very interesting; I especially like the way the Ninetales' fur looks so soft with the dithering and altered outline color. Perhaps you could try some revamps with this style.

Re: My reshades

Posted by: Naitekiakki
Date: 2010-06-14 09:46:36
[size=1]Love it! I hate DPPtHGSS shading. My favourite is Donphan.
I reshade almost all of my splices when I do them. I've actually been working on a project of reshading all of the HG/SS sprites. [/size]

Re: My reshades

Posted by: Missingno.7-4468
Date: 2010-06-20 04:52:50
I made a new reshade, and was I surprised at the realness.  All I did was add a new shade, dither, and make some of the shading go in different places.

Re: The Curry Shop

Posted by: Missingno.7-4468
Date: 2010-08-04 23:26:29
Random fusion of Cranidos and Duskull.  It was fun though, especially reshading it.


Oh, and I will start taking requests now. As long as there's not too much scratching, I will most likely do it.