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Posted by: Wailmer Master
Date: 2007-11-26 20:17:48
Not my website im just a mod there and they want me to advertise buuuut

Now, JoJo and I both agreed that if we can get 20 or more active, non-staff members, then we will begin to code TPF again.
However, they must be active the entire time the list is being built up. As in, UserA, UserB, UserC join and are relatively active.
They count as three members towards the list. A few weeks in, UserB and UserC more or less become inactive. Well, now only UserA contributes to the list.

If we can get 20 or more active users for around…say 2 weeks straight. We will begin finishing TPF. There's not really much left to do to be honest. If we keep 20 or more active users around for an entire month straight, we WILL finish TPF. If that chain is broken, we will just work on it at a leisure…so, yeah. Recruit some people if you care enough y'all.

TPF Forums

But right now only staff can play the RPG that why we need 20 or more active users for a month or more :/

TPF's Grand Opening, which right now is scheduled for February 1st.