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Mythmon: New Ideas - Page 1

Mythmon: New Ideas

Posted by: Blue Lickitung
Date: 2006-08-28 23:13:40
I was browsing Pokemon sites and this came into my head: Yeah, But how do I USE the pokemon?
Has anything besides Serebii's "Pokemon of the Week" told you how to USE a pokemon? Not really. Anyways, the Serebii movesets require EXACT amounts of training and catching the same pokemon over and over again do to the Serebii "Hidden Power Addicts", So I created Mythmon. The goal of Mythmon is to give how to USE pokemon with minor use of TMs, no hidden powers, and still use it effectively. We also have many other boards and will grow with our population. I need Admins and other staff, and we need people to just grow. Thank You for reading.

-Prof. Maple