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Role-Playing Heaven, other forums - Page 1

Role-Playing Heaven, other forums

Posted by: Wild MissingNo. appeared
Date: 2009-11-18 22:31:37
Here are the links to my forums, they're a bit dead but can't be helped. My main forum is Welcome To Role-Playing Heaven, where I am a laid-back admin, but not so "easy", if you do something wrong. Free Power Boards, do tend to go through troubles sometimes, like slowness, failing to load, sometimes they "crash" and it causes you to post again, but I do have a back-up forum in case, you can find me lurking on these forums, mostly a lot, my name is still the same just put in Japanese, so it'll come up as 武 (Mutou Yami). They're a little empty, but I've tired to get people in, but haven't been able to. All are welcome to join.

Welcome to Role-Player's Heaven:

Role-Playing Snow Leopards (Back-up Forums well more like a temp forum until Free Power Boards have repaired their problems)

Zangoose's Forums (This is Jolteon's forum I just help him run it)

The Hellgar Pack (This is a forum where a friend of mine and myself run, the place is a bit empty, but some life comes to it sometimes)

The Hellgar Reborn Fourms (Sort of a back-up from the original fourms, but not much. I plan on making back-ups of the other forums if they go down)