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Emulation & ROM Hacking

TMtrainer-like effect in G/S...? - Page 1

TMtrainer-like effect in G/S...?

Posted by: The
Date: 2008-04-28 17:31:03
I think I've discovered a weird little quirk that produces TMtrainer-like effects in Pok?mon Silver, at least. By entering the code 010018D1, which I believe is the code to get a wild encounter with ?????, then enabling it as soon as I enter a trainer battle (but before I press A on the "So and so wants to battle!" screen), I can cause strangely-colored Pok?mon from the trainer's party to appear after the battle, talking (I know this has been reported already, as someone mentioned a "talking purple Quagsire"). In certain battles in Kanto, a strange "fuzz" sometimes descends over all the text and more TMtrainer-like effects occur. Sometimes the game behaves as if it's in a link battle ? a glitched "Waiting…!" sign appears when I select "run" or even "Pkmn." The items pack becomes completely glitched and unopenable, and sometimes Pok?mon that I never had, such as Pidgeot in the place of Quilava, are sent into battle. The opponent also sometimes looks like a Minimize or Substitute version  of itself.

I acknowledge this isn't like TMtrainer in that:
1. It can only be carried out using a gameshark.
2. Most of its effects are different.

Also, I apologize for the misnomers like "Missingno" and "trade center" and my exclamation of "so cute!" at the substitute doll… lol… they were screenshots taken at split-second intervals, and a lot of the names are simply my attempts at coming up with filenames quickly.

However, it's still glitchy and interesting, right? RIGHT!?

Re: TMtrainer-like effect in G/S...?

Posted by: ?????(000)
Date: 2008-04-28 18:19:59
*Stares at glitchiness*

Re: TMtrainer-like effect in G/S...?

Posted by: Bassmasta
Date: 2008-04-28 19:15:40
I have done something similar like that in my Crystal cartridge. Back when my Blue version worked, I did a method I call the Glitch Trade (pulling and removing the link cable when trading with another game) and got a Level 255 Ponyta with four glitch moves TM55. I used it in a battle and got it reverted to Level 100 and evolved into a Rapidash. I got bored and tried to trade it to my Gold version. This was before I knew that evolved Q Glitch-esque Pokemon would be able to get traded to GSC, and I was surprised when it let me trade. When I used the moves in a battle in Gold, the game restarted with funky colors. When I tried it in Crystal, however, the screen looked similar to how it did in the first screenshot, however, I couldn't see the enemy Pokemon until I attacked, which was turned into a Kingdra. After a few minutes, the game gets caught in a never-ending loop of you getting statused (the game says things like "*your Pokemon's name* is hurt by the poison," "*your Pokemon's name* is Paralyzed! It can't attack!" etc.)