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Adventure Island Debug Tutorial - Page 1

Adventure Island Debug Tutorial

Posted by: DynaShock
Date: 2008-05-04 15:36:56
This Tutorial brought to you by, now with even more AWESOME!

Adventure Island is a fun game. It's even more fun when you apply a GG code to it that unlocks all the beta's debug features! Since no one has found the beta yet, this is the best we can get. But you can still find some interesting stuff with the code.


Enter this code into your emulator running Adventure Island II and, instantly a (rather barebones) 'Scene Select Mode' screen will appear. There will be two options on the screen: SCENE NO., and DEBUG FL. This is where the controls get a little wacky. To move the cursor to either option, press A. If you press B, a 'WORLD SELECT MODE' screen will appear, which is basically a selector for going to different worlds. Pressing select on either screen will bring you to a 'Test Mode' of sorts, which will allow you to view every sprite in the game, use a sound test, and view the game's ending/credits.

-Scene Select Mode Overview-

Now, on the 'SCENE SELECT' screen, SCENE NO. is a selector for what level you are going to. To go to a level, press left/right (up or down one level) or up/down (up or down 10 levels) and press start.

Levels are sorted in Base 16, so expect to see a lot of HEX numbers, such as 1E or 4A.

Warning: nearly all levels above number 5E will crash upon entrance, but very few will actually let you walk a distance, then the game will lock up. Avoid these levels and stay in the 1-5E range.

Levels are organized like so:

1-4F: Normal levels
50-57: Boss levels
58-5E: Bonus/powerup stages, etc. (Powerup levels will freeze upon entrance, 5E is an endless Bonus level)
5F-FF: Null levels (Will most likely crash at once)

-Debug Overview-

DEBUG FL is an option that lets you enable/disable Debug Mode. If it is set to 0, then the game will play normally. If it is set to 1 or higher, Debug will be enabled.

Debug Mode makes you invincible to EVERYTHING, including bottomless pits (fall in one, you will pull a 'wraparound' effect and come down from the top of the screen). But that's pretty much it, unless you have player two's controller activated/plugged in, because you can do a lot of neat stuff if so.

If it is activated, here's a guide to what features you can utilize.

Start: Free-roaming mode (Pass through anything, go around the level without any boundaries)
Select: Freezes the game until you press select again (like in the first Mega Man game)
A (Controller 2): Normally does nothing, but when in Free-roaming mode, acts as a pallete editor.
B (Controller 2): Change power-up Higgins is currently using (like in SMB3's Debug Mode)

That's the end of our basic tutorial, but next, we'll go over a more advanced one that covers extra, unseen features and glitches, so stick around.