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Emulation & ROM Hacking

Pokemon Gold Glitch Trainer - Page 1

Pokemon Gold Glitch Trainer

Posted by: Glitch-Lord
Date: 2008-08-24 20:29:59
I've been experimenting with the Trainer Modifier Code, and i found some trainers name after Pokemon, Like Vileplume and Growlithe. These Trainers after sending out their 1st pokemon and u sending out urs, causes the game to halt. A way to get around this is the steal trainers pokemon code. It works great, but u must keep turning it off and on, but these glitch trainers have a strange variety of Pokemon, usually Lv 0 ?????s, Lv 0 Ursarings, lv 27 Charmanders, and Lv 223 Wartortles!! All of them no Struggles except for the Wartortle. The Wartortle knows Horn Drill, Horn Attack, Clamp, And Rollout (Cloyster Moveset??) I have a video of evidence right below: