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Emulation & ROM Hacking

Bare Knuckle 3: Garbled Adventure - Page 1

Bare Knuckle 3: Garbled Adventure

Posted by: glitchhunter09
Date: 2009-03-22 10:56:34
For those of you who don't know, Bare Knuckle 3 is the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3. Streets of Rage 3 was heavily censored and altered for the US release in the same way as some other titles localized in the US at the time. (Dynamite Headdy and Ristar are two prime examples of this. These are the only two others I know of that were altered this heavily but I'm sure Sega of America had some others as well.)

I tired to enter a Game Genie code that would allow one to hear some music from a prototype version of The Story of Thor (Beyond Oasis in the US)

However due to the coding differences the Game Genie code does something different in the Japanese version (Bare Knuckle 3). The graphics for everything become garbled up and seem to even pull graphics data from text.
Here are the two videos of the first two stages:
part 1:
part 2:

Actually screwing up the graphics adds to the difficulty of the game. Some enemies become invisible while some stages have the screen obscured.
I will finish this Garbled playthrough but it won't be until after the infection on my computer is destroyed.

Re: Bare Knuckle 3: Garbled Adventure

Posted by: agusganog
Date: 2009-03-25 15:29:32
Haha awesome. I love stuff like this.

Re: Bare Knuckle 3: Garbled Adventure

Posted by: glitchhunter09
Date: 2009-03-30 19:28:01
I did some stuff with Dragonball Z Buu's Fury for GBA as well. =P