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Emulation & ROM Hacking

Pokemon: R/B- Ghost cities? - Page 1

Pokemon: R/B- Ghost cities?

Posted by: Amarnth
Date: 2009-05-18 21:55:49
Hey, first post here.  :)

I wanted to know if anyone else ever used a Gameshark to walk through walls?

I once did, some years ago I just pulled mine out and booted up my old gray brick =) I found a weird ghost city thing north of Mt Moon one time, and another of Cerulean, where there were no actors or events loaded, but the entire area was.

Mt Moon (Pokemon Center) actually followed down until it rejoined its route and was cut off by brick.

I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this?

Re: Pokemon: R/B- Ghost cities?

Posted by: Bassmasta
Date: 2009-05-19 16:40:47
I have seen this once with my messed up Red cartridge. I think it had to do with the Glitch City trick or something, but I appeared in the grasses of Pallet Town and there were copies of it on both sides, but if I touched the walls of the town, the game would freeze.

Oh yea, and welcome. :)

Re: Pokemon: R/B- Ghost cities?

Posted by: Amarnth
Date: 2009-06-10 13:46:48
Thanks, yes, I'm necromancing my own topic.  Sorry, real life got in the way of things for a month there.  ;D Here for good.

I think Pokemon and Zelda are my personal favorite games to hack into, since they have such… shoddy programming  :) Not to say its bad, but Pokemon, especially the original games, I found it kind of fun to see what GIGO would do wit ha glitch Pokemon.

And Zelda?  I'unno, I've just been hanging around ZSO/ZC for some years.  ;D