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Mystery zone? - Page 1

Mystery zone?

Posted by: Glitch Hunter
Date: 2010-11-12 05:57:20
So ive been doing some of my own research and it seems to me that only the newer games (or ones AFTER  G/S/C) wouldn't crash if one uses Walk Through Walls to go to a mystery area. It seems odd, any thoughts?

Re: Mystery zone?

Posted by: Ketsuban
Date: 2010-11-12 06:38:41
The Mystery Zone exists to facilitate those parts of the Shin'ou Underground that are not under any established route or municipality.

Re: Mystery zone?

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2010-11-12 07:43:17
Generations IV and V, unlike Generations I-III no longer manage map identifiers through their local, defined area/space alone. The map identifiers are now implemented into global 'regions' on the main map interface (consider a huge map of the Sinnoh region).  There are now global co-ordinates; the game first loads the associated data for the map identifier but places the player in the 'relative location' depending on the co-ordinates provided (loading a void if you are out of the map identifier's bounds). That's why going into the underground and out is important for Tweaking, to refresh the associated data associated for the new map identifier to what it should be.

The 'overworld' isn't of unlimited size, as going too far will eventually freeze the game, though the Mystery Zones act as placeholder areas in between the real areas. It's an ideal system. Like Shodan suggested it makes it relatively easy for Nintendo (through a similar Underground interface) to also implement an associated underground location when you dig using the Explorer Kit.