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Emulation & ROM Hacking

A Pokemon ROM hack concept... - Page 1

A Pokemon ROM hack concept...

Posted by: tachi
Date: 2013-06-09 23:08:32
I was thinking of a concept or a mindset for a pokemon ROM hack. The hack would start out pretty normal with different maps, Pokemon moves, Pokemon abilities, trainer sprites, to give you a chance to build up your pokemon, and by god BEEF THEM STATS. The gym battles would be made a LOT more difficult, expecting you to catch a certain pokemon having a certain high base stat, train it well with knowledge about EVs (which I still don't…) to boost that specific stat to survive what it throws at you, OR train excessively with pokemon that don't meet the requirement at the recommended level (which could shoot you in the foot later on if you weren't careful).

An example of this kind of gym battle will consist of the gym leader having a team of pokemon with tremendous attack and special defense, with everything else being below average to average. It will have moves that are seemingly over powered at the time like a more accurate fire blast. A pokemon with a great defense and special defense would be nice, but they could only chip away at the damage unless they have a great attack to go with it, or a pokemon with high speed and attack to sweep the opponents team would be essential. It would force the players to lose the first battle, to learn what to do next, or find a good solution. The gyms would no longer be a type base, but rather a stat base, so variety of types is something to have too.

The game's Poke Marts will all sell vitamins now, with a reduced price of 4900, giving better access to them, but still restricting them a little with a pretty high price.

It would definitely target the hardcore players by amping up the difficulty to apply pressure, and giving a satisfaction for the hard work they put towards it. Plus with different moves and abilities, means more discovery and planning. The hack would would pull a "castlevania" by simply destroying those who think its a casual rpg still…

Disclaimer: It may have been done already, if so I had no idea. I will also not try to make it if its not, mainly because of my lack of motivation to work on the hundreds of projects I already want to finish. If you want it, do it. [size=3pt]if you do, perhaps put me in the end credits or readme as a special thank? please?[/size]

(oh and if this is the wrong section, I apologize.)

Re: A Pokemon ROM hack concept...

Posted by: Ketsuban
Date: 2013-06-10 11:04:35
Ban vitamins.  All gym trainer, gym leader, and E4 mons make them Level 100 with perfect EVs, IVs, etc.  ENGAGE NIGHTMARE MODE.