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Emulation & ROM Hacking

Fix char limit into a JPN rom for the translation. - Page 1

Fix char limit into a JPN rom for the translation.

Posted by: Halfshadow
Date: 2019-10-03 11:32:55
Hello. I want to translate the spaceworld beta, I translated all the existing map texts starting from the charmap and the text font tileset, then I translated items and pokémon's names, but I have some issues also 'cause there are 5 chars limitations. I want to extend the limit for trainer's, rival's, mom's, Bill's BOXES, pokémon's names and nicknames, trainers classes, items and all the rest if I forgot something. And obviously also convert the PC boxes to the western versions, (and also currently in the spaceworld demo the boxes are buggy, if you deposit and release pokémons you could see wrong nicknames) from 10 BOXES able to store 30 pokémons fo BOX I want 14 BOXES able to store 20 pokémons for each BOX.

I think that the solution is in the WRAM file:

But I don't know exactly how adapt it to avoid messed up ram addresses. And if this could be enough to fix all the char limitations. Could you please help me for this?

But I don't know how adapt it to do exactly what I want…

Re: Fix char limit into a JPN rom for the translation.

Posted by: Ryccardo
Date: 2019-10-04 02:20:30
Generally speaking, you'd need to reserve more space (by adding more "db"/"ds"/"d-whatever" opcodes in the right place) - this will of course make all the labels and comments referring to memory addresses that come afterwards misleading, even though the assembler won't care* since they're just names with no intrinsic meaning, as well as to edit any code with fixed maximum string lengths to change said limit

* this is assuming all code has been converted from hardcoded pointers to using symbolic names - else it WILL fail and quite hard :)