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Japanese - Page 1


Posted by: Glitch Hunter
Date: 2010-11-12 05:50:10
I'm learning/training to be a japanese to englich translator so if you guys have any japanese that needs translating i could give it a shot…

Re: Japanese

Posted by: ultraVex
Date: 2010-11-26 01:03:39

Translate this please.~

Re: Japanese

Posted by: Glitch Hunter
Date: 2010-11-26 05:19:12
all i could figure out was な being "I let you cure"

First kanji letter is Main or important? or something i think?

The third is Peace or harmony?

Thats the best i can do, i'm sorry :(

Re: Japanese

Posted by: ultraVex
Date: 2010-11-26 14:48:50
That's not bad, actually. Good to see that you're not lying about learning Japanese.

Re: Japanese

Posted by: Glitch Hunter
Date: 2010-11-30 07:24:38
Yeah, its been a dream of mine (sorta) for a while to be a translator and I love the culture and everything so I thought, hey why not learn the language and then maybe I can understand the stuff I like better and maybe even find a job that I can  do involving that.

I bought myself (with EMA of course xD) loads of Hiragana and Katakana charts and dictionaries, thesauruses and all that to help me learn and even CDs to help with the basic stuff. 

So was that why you put it as an image instead of text so I couldnt just put it into an online translator? Lol, nice.

And was it basically a test to see if I was lying? And, just to put my mind at ease for not managing to figure it out, what does it actually say, what with my limited knowledge of Kanji.

Re: Japanese

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-04-25 14:30:38
Hi (after a Pokémon Black question) I had the idea of reviving this thread with my bad borderline elementary/pre-intermediate Japanese.

You can send me a request to interpret a Japanese glitch page and I can try my best to help.

For this reason, many translations will be contextual and there will be errors. Some of us here are better skilled in Japanese, such as the user (from Japanese Pokémon Wiki) "2P"/"second player". Hope this helps.

[quote author=Black White Hidden Tricks and Bugs (pente.koro)

(A) glitch involving a freeze when you deliver mail to the Wingull on Route 13.

If mail is delivered to the Wingull when there is heavy rain, the screen fades to black(?) and freezes. You can't do anything at this point, so you have to reset the game.

[quote author=Black White Hidden Tricks and Bugs (pente.koro)

C-Gear Disconnection Freeze Glitch

(This applies for) a game that communicated with the C-Gear. After disconnecting the C-Gear, the screen may freeze. You can't do anything at this point, so you have to reset the game.

[quote author=Black White Hidden Tricks and Bugs (pente.koro)

Cannot escape Opelucid City Gym glitch

In the middle of Opelucid Gym with the three dragon pathways, it is possible to Surf on (one of the dragon's) tails. Once you dismount, it is impossible to move or return to the original pathway, so you must reset the game. (Furthermore), if you save the game here (in order to progress; it leaves you) with no choice but to erase your save file and start over. You can also try contacting the Support Centre (Nintendo Support Centre)



A glitch on Victory Road that sometimes makes it impossible to escape when you slide down a slope

When you slide down a slope on Victory Road, sometimes the hero disappears and can't move. While you can continue the game by resetting it, if you save the game (after getting stuck) you will have to erase the save file and start a new game. (However), if you have a Pokémon that can learn Fly, it is possible to escape.


Cannot plant a Berry in the Pokémon Dream World glitch

For a Dream World Berry field, you may get the message にきのみまってまのは選てくだ(A Berry has already been planted. Please choose another.) (even for) an unfilled spot.

In this state, attempting to plant it may change the number of Berries. This includes not just increasing the number of Berries, but also decreasing it. If you fail at planting the Berry, you will be forced back home, but it will be planted after a while.

[^ (I'm crap with this one and not sure if my translation makes sense or is accurate)]

(Continuing later) :) 

Re: Japanese

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-04-26 16:49:19
(From previous source):


Pursuit Glitch
Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver had a glitch for using Pursuit when the weather is changing (edit: I probably made conjugation related errors here, maybe it's meant to be like "after you change the weather" (because you change the weather first to get Acid Rain glitch to work; it's not a glitch for when the weather is changing - though there are additional steps to get Acid Rain to work omitted from this Japanese page too), because but I haven't tried to reread it literally since), but Pokémon Black/White improved it (does this mean the battle system?/or the glitch? ; Possibly the Acid Rain glitch. The text seemed ambiguous here but I don't remember it in Black/White, so it possibly covertly meant that the battle system was improved - not that a similar glitch returned).

67きちのの来のの () ではなくくの (水) になって

A minor glitch:
The color of the TM67 Retailiate disk is for a Dark-type move (light blue), rather than the Normal-type color (white).



Tricks easily confused for glitches:
"During a Triple Battle with the Wonder Launcher enabled and one Pokémon left, using a Revive will (not let you Revive the other Pokémon and) only allow you to swap the Pokémon. The battle will not continue."

The above is not a glitch. By choosing 選 (Select Pokémon to be replaced) and then ひ死になっ選 (Select a fainted Pokémon), you can actually replace it (and Revive that Pokémon) and the battle will proceed. It is easy to misunderstand that you have to select a fainted Pokémon.

(Interpret tomorrow):




Re: Japanese

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-05-05 09:41:11

Emerald: Introduction to a Memory Editor [FRLG/Em]
A few months ago I wrote a guide, but as the information has become outdated, I have released this updated version.

(Hatena blog box: "That's right; this is Etakichi's blog" [Speculation: I don't know if Etakichi is a name. Maybe it's Eta-kichi, so a derogatory way of them saying the blog of a Burakumin; 穢 as a joke or maybe it's a Japanese meme word]

For Japanese Emerald; various arbitrary code execution things.

September 30, 2019

As the beginning code for glitch Pokémon 0x085F has become outdated, the article has been reworked. If you want to use a new memory editor please follow the steps in this article (link)

In this article I will describe the program (stream of code?) to start the memory editor.

It is not recommended to run this code with 0x2B5C. It depends on the type of method used. The code for move animation scripts is not meant to be used in between this code; it may lead to a crash based on the situation. If you do not have 0x085F, please follow the steps in this article to generate one.

(Hatena blog box: "That's right; this is Etakichi's blog"
[Em] Arbitrary code execution using glitch Pokémon 0x085F

I've found an arbitrary code execution method different from move animation execution. The details of this execution method are as follows. As using the illegal Pokémon code directly lands on the box data; the code will work 100% of the time if set up properly. (in the right state). It uses less memory than animation script code; you don't need to write a script and the most memory is used for processing (of the editor).

1. Generation of a Bad Egg for RAM copying

In order to efficiently copy data to box RAM, a Bad Egg with processing code for memory copying is set up in box 1/15. After setting up the following box names, view the status of 0x085F to run the editor.

Box    Box Name
1 ばつ は
2 ほl
3 っづね
4 CTなGl
5 ばぽ
6 zd
8 へTなGねl
9 9Wl99
10 っ
12 っV
13 ばl99
14 BC

If the code execution worked, a Bad Egg will be placed as such. Please do not move the Bad Egg.


2. Memory editor program data - for copying it to box 1/2 and box 1/13.

Starting with the newly generated Bad Egg, run the following program using these box names.

Box    Box Name
1 っきぼ
2 ぼづばl
3 oひみぶづね
4 ひねねば

For this process, you can copy 0x50 (80) bytes of data via the Bad Egg by running box RAM. The destination for the byte copying code (which will usually be in the Pokémon box data) is determined by the first four characters of box 5. For example, a box name of means 0x00000000. For 0x00000000 the destination is Box 1/2. Forふ(0x0000001C) it's box 1/30. [translator's note: so it seems it's offset from box 1 slot 2; as 0x1C is 28 and 2+28=30].

The data size for one Pokémon in a box is 0x50 (80 bytes). The memory editor takes up 12 Pokémon and is 0x3C0 (960) bytes. To finish the copying process, it requires 12 code executions. As detailed below, change the box names of box 5 to box 13 each time you perform arbitrary code execution.

1st Execution

Box    Box Name
6 fぶYぴば
7 Dばl9ふV
8 ぴばDば
9 lみUぴ9ば
10 Dばl9く
11 UぶPぴば9
12 DばlOべ
13 9Sぶ

2nd Execution

Box    Box Name
5 く
6 くみべB
7 CPぶ9
8 ねMべ
9 9
10 9
11 9
12 xW
13 9

3rd Execution

Box    Box Name
5 Aぶ
6 つね
7 G9ふ
8 G
9 ぶつ9ね
10 9
11 9
13 9

4th Execution

Box    Box Name
6 xW
7 び96ばF
8 ば
9 ぷち9ぴ
10 ばDば9
11 lふ9
12 e
13 90

5th Execution

Box    Box Name
5 そ
6 e0
7 9
8 Vp
9 Wns9ぷ
10 ふふ9W
11 Vちっ9
12 み
13 9

6th Execution

Box    Box Name
6 きV
7 9き
8 l
9 9み
10 9
11 み9
12 ぶ
13 9

7th Execution

Box  Box Name
5 ぴ
6 ばDばはl
7 9み
8 ぶ
9 9ぴ
10 ば9D
11 ばlB9
12 C6ば
13 9きふば

8th Execution

Box    Box Name
5 きば
6 てsぷぷぺ
7 み9V
8 V
9 lみみ9
10 V9
11 Vl9
12 みつV
13 9V

9th Execution

Box    Box Name
5 くFづ
6 く
7 ぴV9
8 ばlみ
9 そV9
10 VFづ9く
11 ぐぐ9
12 osとW
13 9み

10th Execution

Box Box Name
5 V
6 l
7 みみ9
8 Vみぐ
9 ひlみ9
10 V9
11 lみ9
12 ちVふぴば
13 9Dば

11th Execution

Box    Box Name
5 sぶ
6 lば
7 Dば9tr
8 BCFば
9 そ9
10 9っ
11 くく9
12 ぶくく
13 9b

12th Execution

Box  Box Name
5 Y
6 どXY
7 Y9
8 vとn
9 っv9Vv
10 ねく9
11 のく9
12 くそ
13 9

After you run all the codes, box 1 will appear like this. (below) While some mistakes can be determined by the wrong positions of the Eggs, note it cannot be used to detect smaller  errors in the box names. (It is possible to write code to check for errors, but for this too, you'd want to enter the box names carefully so there are no mistakes)


4. Memory Editor Start-Up

This is the code to run the memory editor. After editing the box names to match the ones below, open the summary of 0x085F to run the program.

Box    Box Name
1 ばつは
2 べl
3 ふみ
4 kべl
5 V
6 みふふl
7 ぱFぶ
8 l
10 Gl
11 だ
12 BC

Provided that you made no mistakes, the memory editor will run successfully. Below are instructions on how to use it.

(1) Use the d-pad to move the highlighted address (literally move the focus(ed address)) by 0x01 byte.
(2) Write your value with the A-Button
(3) LR Buttons : Used for adjusting the value
(4) B Button : Closes the memory editor and brings back control of the player character

After installing the memory editor, a save hack gives you even more freedom.

(Hatena blog box: "That's right; this is Etakichi's blog"

[Emerald] System hack by tampering with the save data

I've found a way to perform arbitrary code execution as soon as you start the game via save data, so I will explain it.

In the case that your save file is corrupted from a mistake in the code execution, it is recommended to back it up. (At a first glance copying the save data may seem dangerous, but it is actually relatively safe.

(Hatena blog box: "That's right; this is Etakichi's blog"

Copying your save data with arbitrary code execution

As this is a really bad article, I may delete it. It does exactly what the title says.

Save data duplication glitch

Video below [the video may have been removed and the Twitter account may have been suspended] Noise is included so it's important to take this into consideration when adjusting the volume. Bonjiri (@LlM)  July 19, 2019 Let's practise it.


Script execution

0x03000E40 <- 0x01
0x03000E41 <- 0x02
0x03000E44 <- 0x00000000(word)
0x03000E48 <- Event Script Address (word)
0x03000E38 <- 0x00 Always write above this address last

Arbitrary Pokémon Encounter Script:

IVs, and other details are random. If you want to adjust the random data, you may want to calculate it with method 1.

<tt>B6 PP PP LV IT IT B7 02
PP PP = Pokémon ID
LV = Level (100 = 0x64)
IT IT = Item ID</tt>

Arbitrary Map Warp Scripts:

<tt>39 MP MP 00 00 00 00 00 02
1A 38 = Faraway Island
1A 09 = Southern Island
1A 3A = Birth Island
1A 42 = Navel Rock
18 67 = Marine Cave
18 69 = Terra Cave</pre>

Flag Rewriting Scripts:


Turn ON the flag:
29 FL FL 02

Turn OFF the flag:

2A FL FL 02

FL FL = Flag ID
91 00 = Has Lugia been captured?
92 00 = Has Ho-Oh been captured?
AD 01 = Has Deoxys been captured?
BB 01 = Has Regirock been captured?
BC 01 = Has Regice been captured?
BD 01 = Has Registeel been captured?
BE 01 = Has Kyogre been captured/
BF 01 = Has Groudon been captured?
C0 01 = Has Rayquaza been captured?
C9 01 = Has the (Southern Island) Latios/Latias been captured?
CA 01 = Has Mew been captured?
C0 01 = Has Rayquaza been captured? [duplicate]
50 0D = Does the Eon Ticket delivery man appear?

Re: Japanese

Posted by: Torchickens
Date: 2020-05-05 10:04:22
Placeholder (I need to transcribe all the kanji)