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I have a dream... - Page 1

I have a dream...

Posted by: MissingNo
Date: 2006-04-30 20:21:52
Okay, it hit me in my sleep. It is a Linux distrobution called FireOS. It will be simple to use and be just like Linspire but without the propriatary crap like CNR or have giant branding like the Linspire Internet Suite. It would be free to download or $5 to get on a burned CD. The only problem would be installation. A simple shell script would install a disk image onto a partition and install LILO onto it for a bootloader. Pretty much it's a dream. The install would be like Windows Vista's- it would have a disk image extracted onto the hard drive. No .CAB files, just a simple fireos.img DD'ed onto the hard drive. Then a mkliloboot would set up LILO. It would be created from scratch through Linux From Scratch. Any suggestions? I am planning on making it later on this year.

Re: I have a dream...

Posted by: ACE91
Date: 2006-04-30 21:09:04
Funny, I get ideas like that in my sleep, too… :D

I could help, if you wanted. I've messed around with Linux From Scratch before, but I could never get GCC to compile under Fedora Core 4, even after I used the patch. I'd download the LFS Live CD, but I've used up all the CD-Rs I have. (Gonna have to buy more sometime soon…)  I'm by no means a Linux expert, but I know my way around the terminal, and I can program fairly well in C, C++, and Python, although my best languages are VB and HTML/Javascript. I'm also a good graphics artist. I could make logos and splash screens.

Of course, if you aren't seriously considering making this, ignore this post. I'm working on a lot of other projects, after all.

Re: I have a dream...

Posted by: xparasite9
Date: 2006-05-16 08:11:19
Yeah! Why don't you also program a Firefox equivalent for the NINTENDO DS, give us all GBA flash carts for our Birthday/Christmas/Channukka/Kwaanza/whatevertheheckyoucelebrateinadditiontoyourbirthday presents, with it already installed?

Re: I have a dream...

Posted by: Zowayix
Date: 2006-05-16 15:58:23
I once had a dream that I was inside some random Linux distribution. o_O