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General Discussion

tl;dr - Page 1


Posted by: Bent
Date: 2007-07-31 20:53:54
The list of forums we have is far too long. Take a gander:

Glitch City Laboratories
Project: Melchior
GCL Chatroom

Forum Announcements
Site Announcements

Glitch City Labs Projects
- Archived Releases
Pokemon GCL Version

Site Stuff
Submit A Glitch
- Approved Submissions
– Added Submissions
- Denied Submissions
- Emulator Movies and Saves Submissions
Site Discussion
- #glitchcity Discussion
Bug Reports
- Submit a Game

Discussion Topics
General Game Glitch Discussion
General Discussion
Anonymous Discussion
Pokemon Discussion
- Rate My Team
Pokemon Glitch Discussion
General Gaming Discussion
Game Hacking Discussion
Video Game Emulation
Multimedia Discussion

Pokemon Game Hacking
Pokemon ROM Hacking
Hacking with Gameshark/Other Devices
Hacking with VBA Memory Viewer

Creative Movements (formerly Fan Stuff)
Writing (formerly Fan Fiction)
Art (formerly Fan Art)
Video Games

Off Topic
Forum Games
Debate Wars

Etc Etc
The Dumpster Out Back
Calendar Events

…Ouch. That's a huge number of options, plus those too-long descriptions. Why not condense this, to make it easier to navigate and to increase activity in specific forums? We don't need a forum for sharking and another for memory viewer, since they're the exact same thing. Heck, we may as well just merge them and the two hacking forums together, there's no need for them.

Since my ideas are always great, here's what I recommend:

News: ; We can probably get rid of this, it just takes up space

Links:                  ; These should all be removed from
Glitch City Laboratories ; the forum list. Make the banner link
Project: Melchior        ; to the main page, and put the other
GCL Chatroom            ; two as links up top.

Announcements:      ; Rename this to "Glitch City Labs:"
Forum Announcements ; Site takes priority, put it first ("Site Discussion")
Site Announcements  ; Put forum disc. second ("Forum Discussion")

Glitch City Labs Projects: ; Put these under "Glitch City Labs:"
GlitchBattle              ; and remove the "GCL projects" heading
- Archived Releases
Pokemon GCL Version

Site Stuff:            ; Remove this heading
Submit A Glitch        ; Move to "Glitch Discussion:"
- Approved Submissions ; no change
-- Added Submissions  ; no change
- Denied Submissions  ; remove this, just close threads in the "Submit a Glitch" section
- Emulator Movies and Saves Submissions ; Put under "Emulation:"
Site Discussion          ; merge with "Site Discussion"
- #glitchcity Discussion ; subforum of "Site Discussion"
Bug Reports              ; merge with "Site Discussion"
Suggestions/Complaints  ; merge with "Site Discussion"
- Submit a Game          ; subforum to "Forum Discussion"? meh, I don't play forum arcades
Introductions/Goodbyes  ; put under "Site Discussion:", possibly rename (sounds too stiff)

Discussion Topics:
General Game Glitch Discussion ; rename to "Glitches," subforum to "Other Video Games"
General Discussion            ; rename to "General Chat"
Anonymous Discussion
Pokemon Discussion            ; make "Other Video Games" follow this one
- Rate My Team
Pokemon Glitch Discussion      ; do we really need this section?
General Gaming Discussion      ; rename to "Other Video Games"
Game Hacking Discussion        ; merge into "ROM Hacking"
Video Game Emulation          ; merge into "ROM Hacking"
Multimedia Discussion          ; rename to "Entertainment"

Pokemon Game Hacking:          ; i guess we can keep this header, but rename to "Game Modification"
Pokemon ROM Hacking            ; rename to "ROM Hacking"
Hacking with Gameshark/Other Devices ; merge into "ROM Hacking"
Hacking with VBA Memory Viewer      ; merge into "ROM Hacking"

Creative Movements (formerly Fan Stuff): ; no need to say what it "formerly" was, same goes for the subforums
Writing    ; fine as it is
Art        ; fine as it is
Websites    ; fine as it is
Video Games ; rename to "Computer Programming"

Off Topic:
Forum Games ; ugh
RPG's      ; rename to "Role-Playing," put above Forum Games
Debate Wars ; rename to "Debate," wars seems overly pessimistic

Etc Etc: ; rename to "etc:"
The Dumpster Out Back
Calendar Events

Staff/Exclusive forums should be put under "Site Discussion:"

See how that works so well? We suddenly have the bloated list reduced to this:

Glitch City Labs
Site Discussion
- #glitchcity Discussion
Forum Discussion
- Submit A Game
Member Introductions
- Archived Releases
Pokemon GCL Version

Glitch Discussion
Submit A Glitch
- Approved Submissions
– Added Submissions

Discussion Topics
General Discussion
Anonymous Discussion
- Rate My Team
Other Video Games
- Game Glitches

Game Modification
ROM Hacking
- Completed Hacks

Creative Movements
Computer Programming

Off Topic
Forum Games

The Dumpster Out Back
Calendar Events

Re: tl;dr

Posted by: Bent
Date: 2007-07-31 20:56:17
what argh

someone with authority please insert a slash into that code tag

Re: tl;dr

Posted by: PichuUmbreon
Date: 2007-08-03 16:51:10
I agree with that idea.

what argh

someone with authority please insert a slash into that code tag

Also, I can't figure out why the hell SMF keeps ignoring my edits. *tries again for the second day in the row*

Re: tl;dr

Posted by: missingno_master
Date: 2007-08-16 12:05:00
??? ??? This page is very confusing!