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Computer Issues... - Page 1

Computer Issues...

Posted by: Don Watermeleon
Date: 2008-01-20 18:16:25
Well sadly, something went wrong with my desktop a few days ago, and everything else on it is functional except Internet. So because of this problem, I haven't been able to come on as much. I've been able to hook up the router directly to the laptop which I'm on right now, but it's not as efficient as my cool desktop so I still probably won't be as active as usual.  :-\

Hopefully I'll get this problem fixed by next weekend, but I'm not too optimistic. On a both good and bad side, the new chapter of The Final Solution has been completely typed! :D Only problem is, again, it's on my desktop so I can't post it until I get Internet fixed. But feel free to blow up the New Orleans Saints, how dare they get a 7-9 Season. :P I could always just re-type it directly from my desktop to this laptop, but that'll be a lot of work.

Well, hopefully everything will be all fixed up soon, and I can come back full time. Oh, by the way, tomorrow's my birthday incase anyone wanted to know. Happy Birthday, Don Watermeleon. :)

Re: Computer Issues...

Posted by: Kannoniswrong11
Date: 2008-01-20 18:21:13

Happy b-day.
Well come back soon or else!
Whatsherface will hate me even more that you than before! xD