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Babelfished - Page 1


Posted by: blitzer
Date: 2008-04-20 15:26:31
Babelfish is an internet translator program. SO? Well, the funny thing is, when you translate phrases from English to a language and back, it can have wacky results.

This site is the most useful for Babelfishing for humor, as it will translate an English phrase through multiple languages at once. The AYB below was Babelfished 5 times with this site.

This is the original Babelfish translator.

Specific History: In the Christian behind war 2101 it began.
Captain: This thing happens?
Mechanic: Somebody installs in the parents of the collapse.
Client: We received marcature he.
Captain: Which!
Client: Sichtbarmachung de Cr__am for the general extremity with the fire with
the majority.
Captain: It is with him!
CATS: Since then which to this east time time is those, this he they batteries to the chronometer,
that is EC of sigg of vigilances of the apprehension!
CATS: for good it has taste, how much the forms with the reference, surface under
whole number belong plus the possible one to the interior of the
CATS: They are in startings of __ with the destruction.
Captain: Which you say!
CATS: It does not give the form, of which it probably uses it, for the payment, with elasticity the extremity, neighbor the extremity, neighbor the end to survive method of stampini, that is the extremity, the parents to the period of the form.
CATS: Hectar with hectar of Hectar de Hectar….
clients: Captain!
Captain: ' FESO ' finishes everything!
Captain: They know, this this they, with those who, that the damages, of this they they to the form.
Captain: __.: for justice, of this in the great piece this moves ' with the GRIET captain.

Christian behind war? Sounds religious. Somebody installs in the parents of the collapse.What the heck would the collapse be? End to survive method of stampini! ROFL STAMPINI! FESO will finish you…


"You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose" becomes…!

It selects with the friend and the east decides probably noninscato to him one with this with him, around the Wekzeugspritze of the friend in this regulation of Wekzeugspritze, of that prechosen disappears.

I have Cyndaquil in the part of the left in the red color of the production of Johto with me.

That's the result of Babelfishing "I had a Cyndaquil back in Johto" 5 times in a row.

Re: Babelfished

Posted by: hoggins
Date: 2008-04-20 15:55:22
There's a thread on this already in Forum Games ([size=1]couple of months old, but I'm sure you'll be forgiven :P[/size]),3138.0.html