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OpenID not working - Page 1

OpenID not working

Posted by: shaggs
Date: 2009-02-08 00:07:49
Everytime I try logging into here with openid
it gives me this error:

The requested identifier did not return the proper information.

Maybe I did something wrong, but if it's not me
I'll edit this post to let you guys know(admins).

Strike that, Admins, is there anyway you can enable
openid for already registered users, in this case, me?

I guess the problem was that I have to register with
my openid at the sign-up page., but I'm not abandoning this account
just for that, so if there is any way for you guys to enable
this for me, please do so.

Here is my Identifier just incase:

Thank You.

Re: OpenID not working

Posted by: MissingNo.openID
Date: 2009-02-13 13:16:04
Unfortunately, openID can't be integrated for a regular account, to my knowledge.


Wait, no, I can switch your authentification to openID. (And to Admins/Mods - edit a users' "Authentication" settings.)

I won't make the change *yet*. I'd rather you OK it before I do it.

Papa_Doc, try going to this link:;u=108;sa=authentication

… and it appears someone has already changed your auth method. *shrugs*