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CRASH! - Page 1


Posted by: Adam glitch
Date: 2009-08-07 13:25:04
My laptop crashed yesterday  :( Twice  D:

Everything was working fine, then all of a sudden, a black screen with thick green bars across it came up. It said in white letters smoething about disc or restore or something then 30. it kept on going up in 5's untill it was about 70 then the Laptop just turned off… I turned it on again and it came up with the "Windows was not shut down properly" message. I presed enter to run normally and logged in. It was really slow and nothing wanted to stop loading. I double clicked on firefox and it did the same thing again. so I Unpluged the charger and left the Laptop off for the night. The next morning (Today) It worked fine.

It was horrible.

why did it happen and has it ever happend to you before? is it because of that website I went on?


Posted by: Ratipharos
Date: 2009-08-07 13:51:19
Overheating would be my first guess. The next would be that you installed some sort of driver that Windows doesn't like. What did you install recently?

It could be old.


Posted by: Adam glitch
Date: 2009-08-07 14:00:55
The full version of FRAPS expert gaming recorder (Costed ?6.99!)

That's the only thing I've downloaded recently.

although maybe I got an automatic download from THE WEBSITE. I hope I'ts not a virus if that is the case.