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Dakota's Kick-ALT Boot Disk - Page 1

Dakota's Kick-ALT Boot Disk

Posted by: MissingNo
Date: 2006-11-03 17:56:54
Hey people! Haven't been here until today… I have a bootdisk set I'm making soon. I wanted some input… (bad pun)
Right now, the roadmap is as follows:
1) Make Disk 1 Standard and USB Editions
[size=8pt]A) These boot disks will have a standard CD-ROM version and a version for USB CD drives, mice, and mass storage devices.[/size]
2) Make Disk 2 Arachne and Lynx Editions
[size=8pt]A) These disks will load into a large RAMdisk with the Arachne graphical web browser (uncompress .zip file into RAM) or the Lynx text-only versions.[/size]
3) Make Disk 3 Extra Utilities Edition
[size=8pt]A) This disk may well be the final version, and will allow for sound, CD players, and most importantly, VERY SMALL TEXT-ONLY GAMES![/size]

Current progress: Working on initial beta versions, gathering files for Disk 1 (both editions), etc.
Currently completed: Gathered most USB drivers, like mouse support, mass storage, CD drivers, and drivers for my 3c509 Ethernet card. If released, you will have to find packet drivers yourself unless you have a 3c509 card yourself.

REALLY BIG EDIT: Wow, guess I don't have to cobble up some files… I found a self-extracting image file that gives me a MS-DOS 6.22 system with no other utilities or anything. Thank you, PowerLoad! NOTE: This file links directly to the EXE I used. Wow, they screwed me over. I tried the link, and it gave me a hotlinking error. Scroll down the new page and click on the Plain DOS 6.22 Bootdisk with no additional files. Safety not guaranteed.