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Evolving Raichu

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The Evolving Raichu glitch is simply when a man in Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Laboratory requests a Raichu in exchange for Electrode, but claims that the Raichu evolved after the trade.


  • Walk to this man in Cinnabar Island's Lab. that wants to trade a Raichu for an Electrode. Select Yes and initiate the trade.
  • After that, speak to him again, and he will tell you the Raichu evolved.

    Why it happens

    This is a translation error on the part of Nintendo and Game Freak. Meowth346 posted this explanation on the Azure Heights forum:

    "Also, the guy who says that "Raichu" went and evolved, I figured out that (though I don't know if anyone mentioned this earlier) the text was based on Japanese Blue, where you trade a Kadabra. In the Red version, you trade a Raichu... It was basically something like this:

    Japanese Red:

    Trade Raichu for Electrode. Guy responds about his Raichu.

    Japanese Green:

    Trade Raichu for Electrode. Guy responds about his Raichu.

    Japanese Blue

    Trade Kadabra for whoever. Guy responds that his Kadabra evolved!

    For the English version, they took the Pokémon from Red/Green, seeing as how the dialogue came from Blue. The man says that the Raichu evolved, since you traded him a Raichu instead of a Kadabra on the other games."


  • According to Yomiuri Shimbun, Raichu was once in fact originally intended to evolve into a Pokémon known as "Gorochu" with fangs and two horns. It was apparently removed from the game due to balance concerns (source).