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♀ ä〈Your Rival's Name〉 ] (C4)ᴘᴋᴍɴÙ Aá (C5)ゥQáǁゥRá4 Ó (C6)

ᴘᴋᴍɴÙ Aá is a glitch-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue (Spanish).

4.È. is the equivalent trade glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.

Its sprites cause a red glitch color layer.

Methods to obtain

  • Ditto trick (197 Special)
  • Equivalent trade of 4 . . from Pokémon Yellow.
  • Party remaining HP glitch or storage box remaining HP glitch with a remaining HP of 197.
  • Time Capsule exploit (Totodile).
  • CoolTrainer♀ corruption (0xC5 sub-tile).
  • LOL glitch (0xC5 sub-tile)
  • International fossil conversion glitch with an Attack stat of 197.
  • Double distort CoolTrainer♀ corruption (0xC5 sub-tile (normally cannot be input))
  • Old man trick (0xC5 sub-tile (normally cannot be input))
  • Arbitrary code execution

    Starting moves

  • Glitch Move 0x00
  • Poison Sting
  • Glitch Move 0xB2
  • Fly


    1={{GPS|C254 front}}
    {{GNS|Pentamark}} (FE)
    Level 3 →
    2={{GPS|C000 front}}
    {{GNS|Pentamark}} (00)

    Pokédex data

    Level-up moves


    TM/HM moves

  • TM09 Take Down
  • TM10 Double Edge
  • TM13 Ice Beam
  • TM17 Submission
  • TM21 Mega Drain
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM27 Fissure
  • TM30 Teleport
  • TM41 Softboiled
  • TM42 Dream Eater
  • TM44 Rest
  • TM49 Tri Attack
  • HM01 Cut
  • HM02 Fly
  • HM04 Strength

    Base stats

    Base StatsLevel 50 Stat RangeLevel 100 Stat Range
    17 HP77-123144-237
    37 Attack42-8874-167
    0 Defense5-515-98
    20 Speed25-7145-138
    37 Special42-8874-167
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