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Mail and Trick glitches

Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen and Pokémon Emerald

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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.

The Mail and Trick glitches are glitches only found in the Japanese versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

It is a variation of Mail glitches, also possible with the move Thief in a Double Battle.

In Japanese Ruby and Sapphire, it's possible for the user to swap their Mail for an item using the move Trick. This is not possible in the localizations or Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (at least v1.1) or Pokémon Emerald because Trick always fails if the user is holding Mail.

First glitch

After fleeing from battle after exchanging Mail for an item, the item is replaced with what it is supposed to be, but with the Mail icon instead of the regular item icon.

The item has an 'item' option instead of a 'Mail' option, and is said to be the correct item on the Pokémon's summary screen. It can be taken for the correct item if there is room in the pocket.

Ideal wild Pokémon for the glitches

The Numel on Route 112 always hold Rawst Berries, so performing the glitch with one is guaranteed. They are also pretty common. To get to Route 112 quickly, go east of Lavaridge Town down the ledges.

Be aware that a Numel's Ember can burn you though, causing you to lose your Rawst Berry, because it heals burns.

Steps for the first glitch

  • Level a Kadabra (obtainable by evolving Abra or through trade) up to level 43 so that it learns Trick.
  • Give it a Mail item (Orange Mail is available from Petalburg City).
  • Fly to Lavaridge Town then go east to get to Route 112, where you should jump off the ledges and enter the grass.
  • Encounter a wild Numel (flee if you don't), then use Trick on it.

    Second glitch

    This trick is known as item growth (Japanese: アイテム増殖).

    After performing the steps for the first part of the glitch, repeat steps 2. and 4. five times by giving Kadabra a new Mail and taking a Rawst Berry in return. You must not have 999 Rawst Berries or you'll get a message that the bag is full.

    Give Kadabra Mail once more and the glitch occurs:

  • You will not have to give Mail a message when giving it as a held item.
  • You will receive another Rawst Berry from out of nowhere (only five Numels should have been encountered, but you can obtain more than five Rawst Berries). This can be repeated many times (possibly infinitely) and you don't have to use the same Mail. You can't give another piece of Mail if the number of Rawst Berries caps at 999, though.

    Third glitch

    After performing the second part of the glitch, choose to go to a certain location, then take off Kadabra's item. Do not fly to somewhere else after taking off Kadabra's item, or trying to perform the next step may not bring up the phrase screen.

    Give another Pokémon a piece of Mail (possibly one that never held one before), and the phrase screen may appear with phrases already there, such as '???' and 'こい!'. Submitting the phrase strangely does not have the Pokémon hold the Mail.

    Depending on the location, changing one of the phrases will corrupt a tile in certain coordinates. The type of tile depends on the phrase you submitted.

    The coordinates for each phrase are as follows:

    Phrase fieldCoordinates, hexadecimal (x, y)
    No. 106 0C
    No. 207 0C
    No. 308 0C
    No. 409 0C
    No. 50A 0C
    No. 60B 0C
    No. 70C 0C
    No. 80D 0C
    No. 90E 0C

    Notes for the table:

  • The phrase fields are numbered in this way: go left to right then go to the next line.
  • Y increases with values further south.
  • X increases with values further to the east.

    Changing phrase four or five in Mossdeep City corrupts a tile near the water, letting the player walk on water if a suitable phrase was used (such as 'アーマルド' (Armaldo, a Pokémon)

    File:Mail walk on water 1.png|Glitched phrase screen. File:Mail walk on water 2.png|A tile placed in coordinates 07 0C in Mossdeep City. File:Mail walk on water 3.png|Walking on water.

  • Mail and Trick glitches Youtube video by ChickasaurusGL.
  • Forums thread about the Mail and Trick glitch tile corruption.
  • Youtube video demonstration of the first two glitches by 0xwas (in Japanese).
  • Youtube video of the tile corruption sub-glitch by 0xwas (in Japanese).