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Best blue team ever or am I completely insane? - Page 2

Re: Best blue team ever or am I completely insane?

Posted by: 007
Date: 2007-12-14 15:13:38
NOW we're talking.  I like the Pinsir (Based yours off mine with a few changes, eh?) Thunder Wave is a good pick.  The Snorlax is good, but you could've put softboiled on it too.  Gengar's defense stat is lacking, even if you have the conversion, pokemon could have moves that are super-effective against their own type, and if they're weak to a physical move, and they have one of the same type, you'd be screwed over.  Nice job on the team though, 007

Noted on Gengar.  I tried throwing him on a Omantye last night, only to find the Defense and Special genes to be terrible.  Like, impossibly terrible.  As in the worst genes possible would have put those stats three above where they'll end up now.  So I'll be getting a fresh Porygon and making one anew.