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Pokémon Discussion

It's not ar-see-us, it's ark-ee-us - Page 4

Re: It's not ar-see-us, it's ark-ee-us

Posted by: fivex
Date: 2010-01-11 21:15:54

which goes to Arceus(Pronounced Ar-say-us).

How so?

Japanese Pokemon names use katakana, which is a phonetic alphabet. is the letter which makes it Ar-say-us instead of Ar-kay-us, like the English pseudo-phonetic spelling has misled us to believe. And no, I don't speak Japanese. I just watch lots of anime and have a translator on my iGoogle homepage.

1. That's the katakana for "se"
2. We're talking about the pronunciation of Arceus, not Aruseusu

1. Se, s, whatever. It makes an ess sound, not a kuh sound.
2. Seeing as how there is no official pronunciation for Arceus, Aruseusu (Arseus) seems to be the next logical step.

1. Correct me if I may have forgotten what I learned in school 3 years ago, but I'm pretty sure se is pronounced "seh" and not "say".
2. Maybe not, but the point of the topic is to debate the unofficial pronunciation.
Do to the U almost directly after the se, the E is long, so it is pronounced see