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Pokémon Discussion

Most difficult Pokémon game? - Page 3

Re: Most difficult Pokémon game?

Posted by: tachi
Date: 2013-12-18 02:00:37

Nuzlocke challenge on pokemon trozei. enough said.

Wait, what?
I haven't actually played Pokémon Trozei, but from what I know of the gameplay a Nuzlocke challenge isn't even conceptually possible. Do you mean you have to start a new game every time you match some blocks, or something?

If you match 3 pokemon in a row, you can't match that pokemon for the rest of the game.
You are not allowed to match 4 or more, if you do you have to reset the game
Saving is not allowed
If you beat the round you have to make a comic about it on the internet.

That sounds arbitrary and slightly ridiculous*, not to mention not even related to the Nuzlocke challenge. You might as well say that the Nuzlocke challenge for Pokemon Snap is that you're only allowed to take one picture of each Pokémon, or something.

*I think the Nuzlocke challenge is slightly ridiculous anyway, but that's another story.

No it's not related to the nuzlocke challenge. And we should totally make the pokemon snap a nuzlocke challenge as well, because reasons.