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Using Pokemon Stadium 2 to Stabilize Q Trick Hybrids. - Page 3

Re: Using Pokemon Stadium 2 to Stabilize Q Trick Hybrids.

Posted by: Wild MissingNo. appeared
Date: 2009-12-10 22:50:13
Well, I am trying to go a glitch project research since I have copies of Spanish Yellow and Blue, and Green, but Charizard 'M is on Green but has nasty effects. Female Symbol has different effects than in an English version of the game, as it acts just like the Yellowing MissingNo. by level dropping to level 1 and never leveling up normally. It's true Q and Charizard 'M do have the same Hex slot, but I'm 100% sure Q is only on Yellow, because of that Death Trainer I ran into before, with Female Symbol's crazy Superglitch effect, but then again, Charizard 'M has the same ability it does in a English version of a game as it does on Spanish Blue.

Re: Using Pokemon Stadium 2 to Stabilize Q Trick Hybrids.

Posted by: echinodermata
Date: 2009-12-11 18:21:15

Here's why there's differences between language versions:

Most data for glitch pokemon are read in a very orderly manner: For example, the data for a glitch pokemon with pokedex number 152 lies in memory directly after the data for pokemon #151, and 153 comes right after 152, and so on, all in a region of memory which is, of course, not language dependent.

The data for level up moves and evolutions for glitches work differently. They are read from random locations in memory (random not in the sense of 'always changing', but in the sense of 'unpredictable and disordered'). Thus, they very easily could be read language-version specific parts of memory, so that the glitch data themselves are dependent on language. By your evidence, this is indeed the case.

In other words, you're out of luck.

Incidentally, iirc wasn't there a Charizard 'M in Japanese Red and Green that was Equivialant the US Charizard 'M?  I'm not sure if its abilities are the same but I think that would mean in all other language versions of the game, whatever glitch pokemon occupies hex FF, would indeed have those same traits in other language versions. I feel that it is likely since Q and Charizard 'M both share the same commone ability with one another. I'm not talking about just the fact that the two both are just in Hex slot 255. I mean they have the unique ability to swap attacks between normal pokemon.

As for obtaining it……That's another thing. We were doing research on All other language versions of pokemon games, however most of that info was lost when Glitchdex 1 was disabled. As of now, Glitchdex 2 has no information on the subject or any of the pokemon for that matter. I 'm sure Abwayax has the information archived somewhere though.

The point is that glitch pokemon have all the same properties from version to version except level up moves and evolutions (as well as the 'trivial data': sprite, name, cry, etc.).

Things that could be classified as "nasty effects" (call them side-effects) are also in a different class – I feel that the side-effects have less to do with differences on the glitch pokemon themselves than differences in how the gameplay engine handles them. (Yes, technically, under this classification, FF's list-terminating property is also a side-effect – but it's safe to say that FF terminates the list in every version of the game.)

Re: Using Pokemon Stadium 2 to Stabilize Q Trick Hybrids.

Posted by: Stackout
Date: 2009-12-12 05:10:24
I have copies of french, german, italian, and spanish R/B/Y/G/S/C ROMs if anyone wants.